Shaun Wilkie Grinds Back to Win the Predator 9-ball Tour's Finale
The Predator 9-Ball Tour's 2009 season has come to a close. The Pro/Am Tour's finale event drew a total of 92 of the Northeast's strongest players along with World Class Professional Jose Parica, legendary hustler Danny Basavich, and Trick Shot World Champion Andy "Magic Man" Segal. Pool player and room owner Holden Chin rolled out the red carpet for the players, and mentioned that he was impressed by the turnout.
Other big names such as Mark Vidal, Jose Parica, Mike Fingers, Frankie Hernandez, Al Lapena, Many Chau, Zion Zvi, Shaun Wilkie, Eddie Abraham, Scott Tollefson, "Ginky" George SanSouci, and Long Island's Joey Korsiak all came out for the Predator Tour Finale.
Before the event began, tour founder Tony Robles held a Player of the Year award ceremony, and gave out awards to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers of each respective division.
Player of the Year Awards went to…
Tony Robles - Pro Division
Oscar Bonilla - Open Division
Lionel Rivera - A Division
William Finnegan - B Division
Rene Villalobos - C Division
Gail Glazebrook - Ladies Division
Players would also be treated to a surprise trick shot exhibition performed by World Trick Shot Champion, NY based professional pool player Andy Segal. "The Magic Man" as he is known in the Trick Shot world put on an amazing show to the delight of the knowledgeable NY area crowd who gave love for his amazing performance.
The tournament drew many emerging and veteran grinders, who came out to try to make a statement by capturing the coveted Predator Tour Finale title. Scott Tollefson and Al Lapena were in dead stroke and both had strong wins over several big names in the event. Both players deserve special mention for leaving it all on the table, earning them a 4th and 5th place finish.
Veteran player Frankie Hernandez made a strong comeback to the pool scene with an impressive tournament. Frankie went through the winner's bracket en route to the finals, defeating Sean Keaton (8-6), Rick Sleeper (8-2), Jeff Smolen (8-7), Oscar Bonilla (8-4), Al Lapena (8-7), Mike Miller (9-5), and lastly George SanSouci (9-7).
Shaun Wilkie's road to the finals started out with a "Hill-Hill" battle against longtime friend and road partner Matt Krah, resulting with Shaun as the last man standing. "Get Some" then followed up with consecutive wins over Bill Dang (8-3), trick shot champion Andy Segal (8-4), Scott Tollefson (8-6), before losing to legendary NY player George "Ginky" Sansouci (9-4).
Bouncing back from the one loss-side, Shaun topped Filipino grinder Al Lapena (9-6), repeated over Scott Tollefson (9-4), then avenged his earlier loss to Ginky with a strong 9-4 win.
This impressive win over Ginky matched up Shaun against another legendary NY player, Frankie Hernandez who was having strong tournament, going through the winner's bracket to land in the hot seat. Frankie is known for his powerful break, quick tempo and aggressive playing style.
However, on this evening, Shaun's single-minded determination seemed to radiate from his presence at the table, like a predator that smells blood. Through a display of entertaining shot making and smart, chess-like moves around the table, Shaun was able to grab the lead and momentum early and never look back to win 10-3.
This win is a feather in his cap for an impressive year for this emerging phenom from Havre De Grace, Maryland. It has been enjoyable to watch Shaun evolve into one of the most dominant and determined players in the Northeast pool scene today, putting him on the path to become one of the strongest players in the U.S.
Shaun Wilkie has a number of notable accomplishments, including claiming runner up at 2008 UPA Pro Players Championships as well as the 2009 NCS National 10-Ball Championships, and has won numerous pro/am tour events in the Northeast. There is no question that the seasoning has helped give Shaun the experience he needed to tighten up his uncanny natural talent for the sport. It is apparent by watching Shaun play, you can see that he is a consummate professional in his approach, both on and off the table.
"I would like to thank Cue & Case Sales and Lucasi Hybrid for everything that they are doing for me," said Shaun Wilkie. "Their equipment is working to perfection. Also, I want to let Wild Eyes Creations know that my " Eagle Eye " cue holder product is defiantly being put to good use. I am looking forward to a long and bright future with my sponsors. Thanks to the Lord above I am happy to say, I am gratefully blessed to have such wonderful surroundings."
Tony Robles and his staff would like to thank Predator Cues, Poison Cues, Delta-13 Racks,, Blatt Billiards, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, The Seminole Pro Tour,,, Billiards Press, RJH Custom Cues, Mike Webb Custom Cues, Tiger Products, Mezz Cues, Mastering-Pool DVD Series, Master Chalk, Digital Ink the official print company of the tour,,,,,, and his other sponsors along with Holden Chin owner of Raxx Billiards for their support.
- "Written by Alison M. Fischer,"

Complete Payouts
1st: Shaun "Get Some" Wilkie $2,500
2nd: Frankie Hernandez $1,500
3rd: "Ginky" George SanSouci $1,000
4th: Scott Tollefson $750
5th/6th: Mike Miller, Al Lapena $550
7th/8th: Manny Chau, Jose Parica $400
9th-12th: Mhet Vergara, Matt Krah, Joey Korsiak, Chris Orme $250
13th-16th: Kevin Guimond, Mike Wong, Mike Fingers, Oscar Bonilla $150
Borana Andoni is the Highest Finishing Female
Raj Vannala takes BCD
The Sunday B/C/D Tournament helped fill the pool room with competitive spirit along with an engaged audience. Turkish women's professional Neslihan "Ness" Gurel, was impressive in earning three strong wins before running into a brick wall against Raj Vannala.
Raj Vannala came back from a 5-3 deficit to defeat Ness 6-5 before following it up with another strong come-from-behind win over Naldo Troncoso (7-6) in the finals. Naldo was running through the finals with 4 consecutive wins and had Raj down 4-0 before Raj started to grind back. Raj was impressive in a breakthrough performance of grit and heart in capturing the final B/C/D Predator event of the year.
For the 2010 Predator Tour season, there will be some exciting format changes. There will now be two separate events for pros and amateurs, and each tour stop weekend will feature a pro/open 10-ball event alongside an amateur 9-ball event. The schedule for the 2010 season is now up, and you can check it out at
BCD Payouts
1st: Raj Vannala $160
2nd: Naldo Troncoso $100
3rd: "Devil Dave" Dave Ascolese
4th: Neslihan Gurel
Highest Finishing Female: Borana Andoni
Highest Finishing C/D: John Hacsi
Attention ALL Predator Tour players and fans
The 2010 Predator 9-Ball Tour Schedule has been released
We are excited to announce a new format for most of the 2010 events!!!
14 stops will feature an Open/Pro event AND an ABCD event
with a tournament winner in each event
There will be 5 ABCD stops with double points awarded!!!
In the Open/Pro event the format will be 10-Ball
Races to 9, winner breaks and rack your own.
The Open/Pro matches will start at 3PM.
In the ABCD event, The AB players will play on the top of the chart and the CD players will play on the bottom.
Click here to view the 2010 Predator 9-Ball Tour Schedule
Click here to download the 2010 Predator 9-Ball Tour Schedule
Jerry Tarantola Storms Castle Billiards for his First Predator Tour Win
The Predator 9-Ball Tour held its first-ever stop at the beautiful Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ on November 7-8, 2009. As anticipated, nearly a full field of 61 players came out to compete in this A/B/C/D event on what was a sunny November weekend. In this handicapped event, the A/B players were split into the top half of the bracket, while C/D players competed in the bottom half, and for each class level difference, players were spotted one game on the wire.
Some of the top names who came out to Castle for this event include the "A" class points leaders for the 2009 season: Lionel Rivera, John Alicea, and Jerry Tarantola, along with Redgie Cutler, WPBA pro Megan Smith, and top NJ player, Scott Simonetti.
Along with Megan Smith, five of the area's toughest female players, Borana Andoni, Gail Glazebrook, Diana Rojas, Alison Fischer, & Michele Li were also in attendance at this event. With five or more female players, the top-finishing female is awarded $100, and Diana Rojas earn this award for the third time.
However, cashing in any event disqualifies a player for this award, and "Queen B" Borana Andoni had her sights set high at Castle. After winning her first round match 7-2 against Alex Bourkovich, she would have a second round loss to Hank Anthony. But, Borana got right back on the horse to defeat Romeo Singh (7-3), Steve Way (7-6), avenge her loss to Hank Anthony by knocking him out (7-6), and best Jeff Firester (7-6) to move on to day two.
Meanwhile, leading the A/B winner's bracket were Scott Simonetti and Jerry Tarantola. Scott Simonetti has been an ever-present force in the NY-area pool scene for many years, and despite a recent illness which resulted in the loss of part of his left arm and left leg, he is still playing like a champion. With the help of a bridge created by custom cue maker Paul Fanelli, Scott is back on his game and continuing to impress people with his presence at the table. In this event, Simonetti went on a winning streak through Wali Muhammed (7-3), Junior Sanchez (7-6), Randy Schwager (7-5), followed by a hill-hill battle with Redgie Cutler that Scott came out ahead to go head-to-head with Jerry T.
In this set, which started at 12 noon on Sunday, Tarantola and Simonetti traded games to tie at 4-4, when Simonetti pulled ahead to the hill, 6-4. However, Jerry T grinded his way back to tie at hill-hill. While he looked to have a straightforward run for the win, Tarantola ended up locking the cue ball onto the 9, having no shot. This forced him to play a safe, hoping to put distance between the cue and 9-ball. He left Simonetti a thin cut, which he missed, leaving the match for Tarantola.
On the bottom half of the chart, the C/D players were battling it out, but Shawn Sookhai and 15-year-old Jonathan Castillo were the two that remained undefeated at the start of Day 2. Through working hard in pro/am, amateur, and junior tournaments, Castillo's game has steadily been getting stronger, and in this event he showed that his hard work is paying off. In the winner's bracket, Castillo defeated Jeff Firester (7-3), Gail Glazebrook (7-0), Taron Gunness (7-5) then Rafael DaBreo (7-5).
Castillo then faced Shawn Sookhai, where he duly jumped ahead to win the first five games in the match, 5-0. However, Sookhai took the reigns and won the following four games to go 5-4. But, Jonathan Castillo woke back up and took the next two racks to win 7-4.
This matched up Jonathan Castillo to play Jerry Tarantola in the match for the hot seat. Castillo would get two games on the wire in a race to 7, and although he hung in there to tie at 4-4, Jerry T would claim the following three games to win 7-4. Tarantola had been playing dominantly throughout the event, running through the winner's bracket with wins over Eddie Culhane (7-1), Megan Smith (7-1), Antonio Guerrero (7-4), then Justin Muller (7-2), followed by wins over Simonetti & Castillo, guaranteeing him a spot in the final match.
On Sunday at noon, eight players returned on the one-loss side. Borana Andoni continued her fight, knocking out Teddy Cook (7-3), who had come over from the winner's side. Borana followed up with a close battle with Raphael DaBreo that Borana pulled ahead from a 5-5 tie, to win 7-5. However, Shawn Sookhai ended her run with a 7-3 defeat, and Borana settled for a 5th place finish.
The A/B one-loss side matches featured two solid wins at noon. Justin Muller defeating PA's Derek Schwager (7-4), after Justin had won three winner's side matches before falling to Jerry T. Antonio Guerrero also defeated Redgie Cutler in dominant fashion 7-4, to meet with Muller.
In this match, it looked like Justin Muller would run away with the win, starting out of the gate with a 5-1 lead. However, Antonio Guerrero retaliated to win six straight games and steal the match with a 7-5 win. This set him up against the Scott Simonetti, who had been waiting for another chance after his loss to Jerry Tarantola. Guerrero did not fare so well in this match, and Simonetti never gave him a chance, winning 7-2.
Scott then moved on to match up with Shawn Sookhai in the quarterfinal match (after his win over Borana Andoni), but Shawn also stood no chance, and Scott won easily, 7-2. Now only two remained to do battle to see who would make it to the final match against Jerry Tarantola.
In the semifinal match, Jonathan Castillo (C) was spotted one game on the wire in a race to seven against Scott Simonetti (B). In this match, Jonathan was impressive in his level of composure and control at the table, and battled back and forth with this veteran player. Scott would reach the hill first in this match, but with the score 6-5, couldn't retain position on the 9-ball, missing and leaving a long shot for Jonathan, which he duly fired in to go hill-hill.
Tied at 6 apiece, Jonathan broke and successfully made the three ball. He pocketed the 1 & 2, and everyone in the room watched as he lined up a 4-9 combination. It was not meant to be, however, and the 9 rattled out. This left Scott with a tough shot, and Jonathan was back at the table. But, a miss on the 6 ball would let Scott back in, but the 8 blocked the 6. Scott kicked but left a shot for Jonathan, but the 6 rattled again and hung in the pocket. Scott would need to get position for the 8 on the opposite rail, but after pocketing the 6, the cue ball rolled straight for the corner pocket. However, it hung in the jaws and Scott was hooked inside the corner with no shot on the 8. Scott opted to kick uptable, and he hit the 8 perfectly, splitting the 8 and the cue to opposite side rails. Jonathan went for a risky bank on the 8, and missed, leaving the the two balls open for Scott to take the win and move on to the finals.
The final match would be one race to nine between Jerry Tarantola (A) and Scott Simonetti (B), where Scott would get one game on the wire. Tarantola jumped out to a 3-1 lead, but Simonetti came back with the next two racks to tie at 3 apiece. From there, Jerry kept an edge over Scott, but they traded games until Jerry took the lead at 8-6. Scott came back with an awesome runout to edge closer, to 8-7.
In the following rack, Scott broke and got to the 4 ball when he missed. Jerry had a pretty clear out, and it looked like he was about to close out his second win against Scott to capture the event. In getting position for the 8, the cue ball continued to roll toward it, and stopped just short enough to leave a shot .
He would need to get back uptable for the 9 ball, but juiced the cue ball too much, and it rolled straight into the corner pocket. This gave Scott the game to go hill-hill, and all eyes were on the final table when Tarantola broke in the last rack. A ball dropped on the break, and a cluster was narrowly avoided, allowing Jerry T to run out the rack to win.
Congratulations to Jerry Tarantola on his first-ever Predator Tour win, as well as to Scott Simonetti and Jonathan Castillo on their strong performances.
On December 12-13, the Predator 9-Ball Tour Finale will be held at Raxx Pool Room in West Hempstead, NY. This will be a $3,000-added event, which will also include the award ceremony for the player of the year recipients.
The Predator Tour would like to thank Predator & Poison Cues again for supporting the tour this year as well as Blatt Billiards, Delta-13 Racks, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, The Seminole Pro Tour, Designer of the Predator 9-Ball Tour site, Rob Omen of, Billiards Press, Mike Webb Custom Cues, RJH Custom Cues, Tiger Products, Mezz Cues, Mika Immonen & his Mastering Pool DVD Series,, Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases, Master Chalk, Billiards Game Stroke Trainer,, AZBilliards, Billiards Digest, Inside Pool Magazine, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Maxim Billiards, and The Tournament Guide.
Special thanks to Digital Ink The Official Print Company for the Predator 9-Ball Tour.
- "Written by Alison M. Fischer,"

Complete Payouts
1st: Jerry Tarantola $1,000
2nd: Scott Simonetti $600
3rd: Jonathan Castillo $400
4th: Shawn Sookhai $300
5th/6th: Borana Andoni, Antonio Guerrero $200
7th/8th: Justin Muller, Rafael DaBreo $175
9th/12th: Redgie Cutler, Derek Schwager, Brian Russell, Teddy Cook $125
13th/16th: Jeff Firester, Guy Iannuzzi, Junior Sanchez, Taron Gunness $100
Diana Rojas is the Highest Finishing Female
Dave Ascolese takes the 2nd Day BCD Event
On Sunday, the Predator Tour held their 2nd Day B/C/D tournament, which drew 14 players to Castle. Once again, "B" class player Ariel Rivera landed in the finals, this time on the winner's side, undefeated. However, Dave Ascolese aka "Devil Dave" did not give up easily after his second round loss. He came back on the one-loss side to win three more matches. He defeated Romeo Singh and meet Ariel Rivera in the finals, where he defeated Rivera 7-4 to win the event.
BCD Payouts
1st: Dave Ascolese 140
2nd: Ariel Rivera $90
3rd: Romeo Singh $50
Marc Vidal and Gail Glazebrook Take Top Honors at the Eastside Billiards Predator Tour Stop
Eastside Billiards in NYC played host to stop # 17 of the 2009 Predator 9-Ball Tour. This event drew some of the strongest players in the Tri-State area. Top players included Marc “Spain” Vidal, Sean “Alaska” Morgan, Mhet Vergara, Jorge Rodriguez, Victor Nau, Ken Kerner, Frankie Hernandez and Dave Pinkston.
Day one action saw Sean Morgan go undefeated at the top of the bracket, beating Donald Chu 9-3, Walter Goller 9-1, Mhet Vergara 9-7 and Jorge Rodriguez 9-7.
Marc Vidal was in dead stroke as he dominated the bottom of the chart defeating Kevin Tenery 9-3, Jason Hunt 9-3, and Dave Pinkston 9-5 before squeaking a 9-8 victory over Ken Kerner.
For the C/D players, Ramilo Tanglao surprised everyone with his stellar play this stop. A newbie to the tour, Ramilo took out Eastside Billiards veteran, Dave Weinstein & Patrick Myers, before losing a close call battle with Open player Jorge Rodriguez! Tanglao easily won the C/D player of the event so congratulations Ramilo.
On the one loss side, Frankie Hernandez was in the zone after an earlier loss to Mhet Vergara by a score of 9-5. Hernandez went on to beat Wali Muhammad 9-5, Lionel Rivera 9-5, Dave Pinkston 9-6 and Jorge Rodriguez 9-7 to survive the day.
On day two, Sean Morgan and Marc Vidal played a spectacular match that including everything from great breaking, good safety play and picture perfect run outs. In the end, Vidal edged out a 9-8 win for the hot seat over Morgan.
After his devastating hill/hill lost to Vidal, Ken Kerner was out for blood winning his next two matches against Mhet Vergara and Frankie Hernandez, setting up the semifinal match against Sean “Alaska” Morgan. Both players were dying for a rematch with Vidal as both lost to the undefeated player on the hill. Unfortunately for Ken, he found himself behind rather quickly in the match and Morgan sealed Kerner’s exit from the tournament, defeating him 9-4. Morgan had earned his second chance with Vidal.
In the final race to 11, Sean Morgan’s break consistently failed to make a ball on the break, while Marc seemed to be the break and run specialist. The two traded rack in the beginning, but with Morgan’s break disadvantage haunting him, it was only a matter of time before Vidal started to take control of the match. Marc closed the match 11-5 for the win.
Many thanks to Eastside Billiards owner Jerry Shipman and his incredible staff for hosting the event. The next event will be taking place at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ November 7-8. This will be an ABCD event only! No Open or Pro players will be allowed.
This is the last tour stop before the $3,000 added year end Open finale at Raxx Pool Bar & Grill in West Hempstead, NY. Players that have played in 3 or more events this year will pay the normal entry fee for the finale. Players that played less than 3 stops will pay double the entry fee in the finale.
I would like to thank Predator & Poison Cues again for supporting the tour this year as well as Blatt Billiards, Delta 13, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, The Seminole Pro Tour, Designer of the Predator 9-Bal Tour site, Rob Omen of, Billiards Press, Mike Webb Custom Cues, RJH Custom Cues, Tiger Products, Mezz Cues, Mika Immonen & his Mastering Pool DVD Series,, Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases, Master Chalk, Billiards Game Stroke Trainer,, AZBilliards, Billiards Digest, Inside Pool Magazine, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Maxim Billiards and The Tournament Guide.
Special thanks to Digital Ink-The Official Print Company for the Predator 9-Ball Tour.
Complete Payouts
1st Marc “Spain” Vidal $900
2nd Sean “Alaska” Morgan $600
3rd Ken Kerner $400
4th Frankie Hernandez $300
5th Mhet Vergara $250
6th Jorge Rodriguez $250
7th Dave Pinkston $200
8th Jason Hunt $200
Highest Finishing C/D: Ramilo Tanglao $100
Ramilo Tanglao is the Highest C/D Finisher
Gail Glazebrook Dominates the 2nd Day BCD Event
“Kiss of Death” captain Gail Glazebrook was in dead stroke on Sunday as she dominated the 15 player field at Eastside Billiards.
Glazebrook started the day by taking a 5-0 lead against Eddie Culhane. Eddie stormed right back to take the next three games. With the score 5-3, Gail approached the table, smashed the balls and calmly completed the break and run, for a 6-3 win.
Glazebrook then took her calm approach against #1 ranked C/D player Rene Villalobos wining 5-1 and setting up a match against the very tough Ariel Rivera. Rivera has been on fire with the BCD events. He has reached the finals of the last three BCD events and won two of them. With Glazebrook though, Rivera has his hands full. It was a back and forth battle but with Gail on the hill 5-4, she took a gutsy 5-9 combo and split the pocket for the 6-4 victory and a chance to play Dave Weinstein, coincidentally, the winner of the last BCD event at Eastside Billiards.
Weinstein, a super strong B player had a tough first match against the always dangerous Diana Rojas, winning 6-4. He then went on to defeat Patrick Meyers 6-5 and Chris Karp 5-4 for a chance to play for the hot seat against Glazebrook.
Glazebrook however would dominate this match, torching Dave 6-1, earning her spot in the final. Weinstein and Rivera, both previous BCD winners, faced off in the semi final match. Dave brought his ‘A’ game to this match making very few mistakes and defeated Rivera 5-3, allowing Weinstein another chance at Glazebrook.
The final was a lot closer than the previous match as these two warriors went toe to toe. A few incredible outs by Glazebrook got her to the hill first. At 6-4, Glazebrook made an incredible, on the rail, full table length backward cut shot on the 9-ball to seal the win! This was Gail’s first BCD win of the year.
Congratulations to both players for a great tournament!
BCD Payouts
1st Gail Glazebrook $160
2nd Dave Weinstein $110
3rd Ariel Rivera $75
4th Ramilo Tanglao $45
"The Iceman" Mika Immonen Snows the Competition in
the Predator Tour at BQE Billiards
On October 10th-11th the Predator 9-Ball Tour was hosted by a new pool room on it's season schedule, BQE Billiards in Queens, NY. Forty-one strong players showed up for Stop #16 of it's 19-event season.
With only two more regular season stops before the final event at Raxx Pool Room, the Predator Tour points race is heating up for player of the year. Each year, tour owner Tony Robles gives trophies and prizes to the tour's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each respective division: Pro, Open, Ladies, A, B, and C/D.
With the US Open 9-Ball Championships right around the corner, this event served as a great warm-up for the most prestigious tournament in the US. World #1-ranked player "The Iceman" Mika Immonen made a special appearance along, with several other world-class players. NY fan favorite and Filipino legend, "Amang" Jose Parica came out to play along with one of the hottest young up-and-coming players on the pro circuit, Mike Dechaine. Mhet Vergara, Oscar Bonilla, Zion Zvi, "Ginky" George Sansouci, Lorenzo Nonato, Tony Robles, Jorge Rodriguez, Holden Chin, "Alaska" Sean Morgan, Frankie Hernandez, and WPBA pro Liz Ford topped off and impressive field.
One of the highlights of this event was a strong performance from Predator Tour newcomer Cleiton Rocha from Haverhill, MA. After a first-round hill-hill (9-8) loss to Al Zea, Cleiton then beat Jerry Tarantola 9-4, Mhet Vergara 9-7, Zion Zvi 9-8 and Tony Robles 9-7 to come back on Sunday for the final 8. On Sunday, Cleiton played another impressive set against 1st place "A" player Lionel Rivera defeating him 9-5 before losing 9-4 to Jose Parica.
Raxx Pool Room owner Holden Chin came back on the winner's side on the second day, before losing a nail-biting hill-hill set versus Mike Dechaine and being eliminated by Oscar Bonilla, 9-7.
One of the winningest pros of all time, Jose Parica, was tearing up the field, until hewent head to head with reigning US Open Champion,Mika Immonen. In a gritty battle, it looked like it would be Jose to pull out the "W," as he was got to the hill first, 8-6, in the race to 9. Mika climbed back to make it double hill when Jose elected to attempt to execute a tricky safe.
Parica had a long tough shot on the two ball, and opted to play a safe, bringing thecue ball around three rails to hide behind a cluster of balls. He leaked the shot, and left Mika a shot on the two. Mika then went on to run out in impressive fashion, breaking up a few clusters of locked-up balls in the process.
After the loss to Mika, Jose was fired up and played a near-perfect set against Cleiton Rocha en-route to a 9-4 score. Jose's next match was against top NY player, Oscar Bonilla who has been impressive of late. Oscar came out of the gate firing, and built up a 6-4 lead over Jose. After Oscar had a costly scratch on the break, Jose began to build up momentum and dominated the set from that moment. Parica won 5 consecutive games to close out the set 9-6.
This win lined up Jose to play the loser of the match for the hot seat, between Mike Dechaine and Mika Immonen--who also recently dueled for the hot seat at the Galveston World Classic 10-Ball event. In this rematch, it was Mika who jumped out to an early 4-0 lead, before seeing Mike come back to tie the set at 4 games a piece. In what was the turning point of the set, Mike was running out a spectacular rack, before getting bad position on the 9-ball. Mike elected to go for a tough down-table cut, which he barely missed--giving Mika back the lead 5-4. From that point on, through a combination of outstanding play from Mika and several good rolls, Mr. Immonen went on to cruise to a 9-4 win.
In the semifinal match between Jose Parica and Mike Dechaine, the 22-year-old young gun was able to capitalize on his big break and amazing shotmaking to overcome the battle-tested veteran, 9-4.
The final match at BQE between Mika Immonen and Mike Dechaine was all Mika, who took control early and never gave Mike much to work with. In a clinic by the reigning US Open Champion and number 1 player in the world, Mika took the set 11-5 for the win.
Complete Payouts
1st: "The Iceman" Mika Immonen $1,000
2nd: Mike "Pain" Dechaine $675
3rd: "Amang" Jose Parica $500
4th: Oscar Bonilla $375
5th/6th: Cleiton Rocha, Holden Chin $230
7th/8th: Lionel Rivera, Mike Wong $150
9th/12th: Tony Robles, Dave Deserio, Antonio Guerrero, "Ginky" George Sansouci $100
Highest Finishing C/D: Tie: John Hacsi and Teddy Cook $100
14 players turned out for the Sunday BCD second-chance tournament at BQE Billiards. In this event, Predator Tour Tournament Director William "Finn" Finnegan cruised through the winner's bracket to to secure a spot in the finals. En route to the hot seat, "Finn" defeated Ron Mason 6-3, Gail Glazebrook 6-3, Diana Rojas 5-3, and Naldo Troncoso 6-3.
Prior to his loss against "Finn," Naldo Troncoso had an impressive shut out win against top "B" player, Ariel Rivera, 6-0. In that match, Naldo played superb pool, showing a combination of heart and gritty safety play.
After losing the "hot seat" match to William Finnegan, Naldo awaited the winner of Ariel Rivera or "Snooky" Diana Rojas. This was a hard-fought battle between two players who have been both improving in leaps and bounds. Snooky and Ariel went blow for blow early on, but Ariel pulled away to close out a 6-3 win, setting up a rematch against Naldo.
Naldo won the first 4 games against Ariel, which made it 10 consecutive games including their last set. However, Ariel began to battle back, returning with five consecutive games to take the lead, before Naldo tied it up hill-hill. In the tie-breaking game, it was a back-and-forth safe battle, which Ariel closed out after a missed 9-ball bank by Naldo.
Ariel was then set to face "Finn" in the finals, to make it his third consecutive appearance in the finals of the Predator BCD events, having won previously at both Comet Billiards and Raxx. However, it was Finn's day to shine, as he won by final score of 5-3.
BCD Payouts
1st: $200 William Finnegan
2nd: $130 Ariel Rivera
3rd: $80 Naldo Troncoso
4th: $45 "Snookie" Diana Rojas
BCD Winner William Finnegan, Tony Robles & Runner-up Ariel Rivera

Tony Robles Assassinates Mhet Vergara at Predator Tour
On Saturday September 19, 2009, 50 top and rising stars in the pool world gathered at Comet Billiards. Home of the Accu-Stats Arena, Comet Billiards is a marquee locale on the Predator Tour's calendar and this week's location for a two-day pro/am billiards brawl.
The 15th stop on Predator Tour season drew fierce competitors, many of whom were locked in a heated points race for their respective class divisions. Top player including "The Preacher" Steve Lillis, George "Ginky" Sansouci, Zion Zvi, Joey Kong, Jorge Rodriguez, Oscar Bonilla, Ron Park, "Alaska" Sean Morgan, Mhet Vergara, Jason Michas, Jeremy Sossei, and Tony Robles, among others, came to battle.
Room proprietor and host Bill Haley rolled out the red carpet for the players, who enjoyed the spacious playing environment. Feature matches were streamed live from the Accu-Stats Arena ( The arena boasts a professional commentary booth, where you could hear many top players, as well as Pat Fleming himself giving their perspective on the matches.
While there was no shortage of standout play from a number of different players, several players were stirring up a buzz with their swaggered approach. Among them, Scott Simonetti bounced back from a early loss from Tony Robles to win 3 matches in impressive fashion before losing to "King Kong" Joey Kong 9-4. Also, NYC's Brenda Heras and Alex Gonzalez, who were two underdogs coming in to the tournament, surprised the knowledgeable crowd with top-notch play.
Although many of the players at Comet impressed, only the eight final players could come back on Sunday. Tony Robles was running through the tournament with a game that was firing on all cylinders. His break, jump shot, cue ball control, and overall shot making were superb throughout the event. Tony was lined up with a winner's side match against arguably the most improved player of the year, Oscar Bonilla.
Tony Robles defeated Oscar 9-4, in a dominant performance, lining him with Mhet Vergara. Mhet is a strong open player who has had some impressive performances of late, and this event was no different. Mhet had just come off a clutch 9-7 win over a hot "Alaska" Sean Morgan, who fell short of mounting a comeback in their match.
On the one-loss side, "Ginky" George Sansouci defeated Ocean State Champion, Jeremy Sossei 9-6 which set him up with Oscar Bonilla. Oscar was looking to bounce back from a loss to Tony Robles but wasn't able to fade Ginky's break in that match, and Ginky closed out the set 9-6. Ginky's journey wouldn't get any easier as he had to defeat Zion Zvi, who had two dominating performances on the TV table. Ginky followed up two gritty wins with a near flawless performance over Zion, who was unable to consistently make a ball on the break in their match.
After going through 3 top players, Ginky had a chance to avenge his earlier loss to Mhet Vergara, who clutched out a big win over Ginky on Saturday. Mhet put on a display of heart and determination as he overcame a marathon blow-for blow-match over Mr. Sansouci. While both players did not play up to their earlier performances, this was a battle of strategy and kicking, leaving Mhet the last man standing with a final score of 9-7.
This win was a huge win for Mhet, because his highest prior finish in the Predator Tour was third, and his win against Ginky put him in the finals for the first time against "The Silent Assasin" Tony Robles. Mhet's road to the finals included wins over Jason Michas 9-7, Carmen Lombardo 9-6, Wali Muhammad 9-2, Ginky Sansouci 9-7, Sean Morgan 9-7 before losing to Tony, then defeated Ginky in the semis.
Tony had a dominant run on his way to the finals going undefeated, and taking out Scott Simonetti 9-1, Antonio Guerrero 9-5, Zion Zvi 9-7, Oscar Bonilla 9-4, and Mhet Vergara 9-4 along the way.
In the final match, which was one race to nine games, Mhet took an early 4-1 lead on Tony, as he was feeling comfortable and sharp on the Accu-Stats table after his match against Ginky. Tony's game took some warming up, but after missing a few shots early, he got into gear, and the two battled back and forth. There were few easy table layouts in this set, leading to a number of safety battles, but with the score tied at 6-6, Mhet broke dry and gave Tony an open table to run out and build some momentum. Mhet would win the following game to tie it again at 7-7, but the next rack, Mhet missed a crucial 5 ball, and from there the match was in Tony's hands as he finished it 9-7 to win the 15th stop on the Predator Tour.
Congratulations to Mhet Vergara on this breakthrough performance and to Tony Robles for a dominant win at this event. The Predator Tour would also like to thank their sponsors Blatt Billiards, Delta 13 Racks, and Predator Cues for their support of the tour.
The next stop on the Predator 9-ball Tour will be held in Queens, NY at BQE Café Billiards on October 10-11.
Complete Payouts
1st: Tony Robles $1000
2nd: Mhet Vergara $675
3rd: Ginky Sansouci $500
4th: Zion Zvi $375
5th/6th: Oscar Bonilla, Sean Morgan $250
7th/8th: Jeremy Sossei, Joey Kong $175
9-12: Yesid Garibello, Steve Lillis, Jorge Rodriquez, Junior Sanchez $100
Highest Finishing C/D: Alex Gonzalez $75
Highest Finishing Female: Brenda Heras $75
The Sunday B/CD Tournament drew 16 area amateurs. In this event, Diana Rojas met Ariel Rivera to battle him once again in the finals. However, Ariel continued his strong play in this match to win 7-3, making this his second consecutive B/C/D Predator event win.
BCD Payouts
1st: Ariel Rivera $175
2nd: Diana Rojas $125
3rd: Dave Fitzpatrick $ 70
4th: Gail Glazebrook $ 30
BCD Winner Ariel Rivera, Tony Robles & Runner-up Diana Rojas

The Predator Tour Crowns Dennis Hatch the 2009 Empire State Champion
On Sunday, September 13, 2009 the two-day Seminole Tribe of Florida Empire State Championships, came to a close. As this event, held at Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill in West Hempstead, NY was sanctioned with the Seminole Pro Tour as well as the Predator 9-ball Tour, a number of Seminole Tour players were in attendance, including Tony Crosby, Mike Davis, Stevie Moore, John DiToro, and Bill Dunsmore.
Some of the other top players vying for the title included defending champion Marc "Spain" Vidal, George Sansouci, Dennis Hatch, Eddie Abraham, Matt Krah, Jeremy Sossei, Manny Chau, Al Lapena, Ryan McCreesh, Shaun Wilkie, Joey Kong, Evan Broxmeyer, Joey Korsiak, and Adam Kielar. Veteran player and instructor Marty Herman also came from Boston for this event, and finished in the top 24. Tour owner Tony Robles was very pleased with the turnout of 103 players, especially considering that two other major events, the Predator International 10-ball Tour and The Galveston World Classic, were going on at the same time.
A number of these top players clashed in the early rounds, with Jeremy Sossei defeating Eddie Abraham 7-4, Oscar Bonilla upsetting Stevie Moore 7-3, and Adam Kielar turning George Sansouci to the one loss side with a 7-2 lashing. Adam continued with a 7-4 win over Eddie Culhane and drilled Sean "Alaska" Morgan 7-1, but was not able to overcome Manny Chau in a match that went hill-hill.
Meeting with Manny on Day 2 was Shaun Wilkie, who had previously defeated both Stevie Moore and Jeremy Sossei, 7-3. However, Wilkie did not pose much of a problem for the dominating Manny Chau, who won by a 9-4 score.
Al Lapena was also a force to be reckoned with at this event, running through Teddy Cook 7-2, Shawn Sookhai 7-1, Thomas Wan 7-1, and Tony Robles 7-2, making his way to Day 2, where he defeated Ken Kerner 9-4.
Meanwhile, Albany-based Jeff Smolen had a strong run of his own, defeating Scott Tollefson 7-4 and Joey Korsiak 7-5, but then ran into Tony Crosby, who scoured the match 9-4.
In the top quarter of the bracket, Florida's John DiToro was on a mission, which not even Dennis Hatch could break. DiToro finished off Hatch in a hill-hill battle, and followed it up with a 7-3 win over Ryan McCreesh, to move on to defeat Joey Kong 9-6 on Day 2.
Winner's Bracket Showdown:
The first semi-final match of the winner's bracket was a face off between two Seminole Tour rivals, Tony Crosby and John DiToro. The two players, who are also closely ranked on the Seminole (4th and 5th respectively), also had a tight set which would go hill-hill, with DiToro closing out the winning game.
Al Lapena and Manny Chau were featured in the other semi-final match, where Lapena's dominant run would come to an end, as Chau eliminated him by a 9-3 score.
In the hot seat match, John DiToro and Manny Chau kept the score locked until they reached 6-6, when Chau ran away with the last three games to win 9-6.
The One-Loss Side:
There were still a number of tough players fighting it out on the one-loss side as Day 2 arrived. One of them was Maryland grinder, Ryan McCreesh, who eliminated Stevie Moore 9-7, Ken Kerner 9-5, and finally George Sansouci 9-1.
Coming over from the winner's bracket to meet McCreesh was Tony Crosby. The two had a closely fought match, but Crosby would take control to win 9-6.
After an early loss from John DiToro, Dennis Hatch also went on a mission, grinding his way through matches against Lionel Rivera 7-2, Adam Kielar 9-7, Jeremy Sossei 9-8, Jeff Smolen 9-2, and defending Empire State Champion Marc Vidal 9-7.
The Quarter-Final:
In the quarterfinal match, it was North vs South with Dennis Hatch and Tony Crosby. Hatch jumped to an early 5-1 lead in this set, but made a few errors in the following games, allowing Crosby back in the set and win the following five racks, taking the lead at 6-5.
However, a dry break cost him in the next rack, and after Hatch broke and ran the following rack, Hatch reclaimed the lead at 7-6. Crosby returned with another break and run to tie at 7-7, but Dennis Hatch closed out the set with two more wins to move on to the semi-final. Although Crosby did not make it to the finals of this event, his 4th place finish helped push him up to the #1 ranked position on the Seminole Pro Tour.
The Semi-Final:
After falling to Manny Chau in the hot seat match, John DiToro faced a hot Dennis Hatch... which is never good. DiToro had a tough time finding his break in this match, which gave a big advantage to Hatch. Dennis Hatch would lead the match the match all the way through, with DiToro never getting closer than three games from Hatch.
The Final Match:
After a long, grueling fight through the one-loss side, Dennis Hatch reached the finals against undefeated Manny Chau, in one final race to 11. Starting off the set, Chau looked comfortable and in-control, jumping to a 3-0 lead on Hatch. However, after scratching off a tremendous cut shot in game four, Dennis picked up some momentum, winning the next two games.
At one of the critical points in the match, Chau led by 5-3, but fouled by moving the two ball with his shirt while shooting the one ball, giving Hatch ball in hand to run out and close the gap to 5-4. Both players continued to play solid, and Dennis Hatch stayed hot on Manny Chau's trail.
Manny would get to the hill first at 10-7, but miss a surprising 6 ball to run out the win, then Hatch broke and ran to edge closer at 10-9. Manny had a promising break in the next rack, but when he shot a 3-5 combo, the 3 would roll out of sight, forcing him to kick. They exchanged kick safes, but Manny left an open bank for Dennis, which he fired in to run out and go hill-hill.
Dennis Hatch was breaking in the final hill-hill game, and needless to say, he was fired up. Hatch crushed the rack with his break and had a relatively open table, with the exception of the 5 and 6 sitting on opposite rails. After making the four ball, the crowd watched in shock as the cue ball rolled nearly on top of the 5 ball, leaving Dennis in a very challenging position. However, Dennis sliced the 5-ball straight into the corner, and the cue ball bounced three rails for perfect position on the 6 to run out the rack and win the title of 2009 Empire State Champion.
Congratulations to Dennis Hatch for an incredible comeback to win the 2nd Annual Empire State 9-ball Championships, and to Manny Chau for an impressive performance throughout the event.
In this event, Diana Rojas was, for the second time, awarded as the highest-finishing female. Along with her at the Empire State Championships were a number of other NYC ladies players including WPBA pro Liz Ford, Erin McManus, Gail Glazebrook, Borana Andoni, Brenda Heras, "The Other" Alison Fischer, and Kim Meyer.
Also acknowledged was Naldo Troncoso, who earned a $100 prize as the highest-finishing C/D player of the event. Congratulations to both players for a well-played event.
We would also like to congratulate Ariel Rivera for winning his first 2nd Day B-C-D Predator Tour event and to Scott Murphy of Mr. Cue's Billiards for coming in runner-up.
Tony Robles and the Predator Tour staff would like to thank presenting sponsor, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as host sponsor Raxx Pool Room, and tour sponsors Blatt Billiards, Delta 13 Racks, Predator Cues and all the other sponsors that support the tour.
Complete Payouts
1st: Dennis Hatch $3,000
2nd: Manny Chau $2,000
3rd: John DiToro $1,500
4th: Tony Crosby $1,000
5th/6th: Al Lapena, Ryan McCreesh $600
7th/8th: "Ginky" George Sansouci, Marc Vidal $450
9th-12th: Ken Kerner, Shaun Wilkie, Jeff Smolen, Joey Kong $325
13th-16th: Stevie Moore, Joey Korsiak, Jeremy Sossei, Mike Davis $225
17th-24th: Noel Bensurto, John Alicea, Matt Krah, Nelson Olivera, Tony Robles, Eddie Vasquez, Adam Kielar, Marty Herman $150
Highest Finishing C/D: Alex Gonzalez $75
Diana Rojas is the Highest C/D Finisher
BCD Payouts
1st: Ariel Rivera
2nd: Scott Murphy
Ariel Rivera wins Day 2 BCD

I am very proud to announce stop # 14 of the Blatt Billiards Predator 9-Ball Tour as the Seminole Tribe of Florida 2009 Empire State 9-Ball Championship which will be taking place this Saturday & Sunday September 12th-13th at Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill in West Hempstead, NY and as always, we will be using the beautiful Delta-13 racks provided by Please read through the BCD information below and the Attire Request! will be covering the event & will be streaming the Matches LIVE from Raxx!!
This will be a $6,500 added event!
This is the first time our two tours have joined forces to create a tournament that will count as points towards both tours! I would like to personally thank the Seminole Tribe of Florida for adding $5,000 and Raxx owner and player Holden Chin for adding $1,500!
“With the fantastic events that Tony Robles and the Predator 9 Ball Tour have put on this season, The Seminole Tribe of Florida is looking forward to being a part of the action and coming up to see the talent that the Northeast has to offer!” -- Kevin Pickard, Tour Director of the Seminole Pro Tour.
The champion of this event will make New York history and enjoy the continued recognition of their championship win with a banner placement bearing their name and year they've won. It will hang in Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar and Grill for years to come.
I consider this a special event because when I was a teenager, I always read a lot about players that had won state championships. I always said to myself how great it would be to win a New York State Championship. Little did I know that a pool room in upstate New York had one for many years but I unfortunately discovered the tournament after it ceased to exist.
I've won two Ocean State Championships in my career and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I've encountered as a pro.
With the expected turnout for this event, race adjustments will inevitably be made. We are expecting 90-100+ players for this event & with such a large turnout, we must close the field at 12 noon and start play by 12:30. I suggest that everyone get there between 10-11am to guarantee their spot! The field for this tournament is limited to 128 players.
B-C-D Players!
We are not sure if we will host a B-C-D event on Sunday, September 13 at Raxx. Given we don’t know how many players from the Open will come back on Sunday, we should have a better idea late Saturday night. Please feel free to call Tony Robles at 917-202-2750 or William Finnegan at 917-232-5069 late Saturday night for more information.
Very Important - Remember collared shirts required! No T-Shirts! We are requesting a more professional look for this particular tournament as it is the Empire State Championship. Slacks & Dress Shoes would be appreciated.
C/D Handicaps - The top finishing C/D handicap player will receive $100. (Note: Minimum 10 C/D players must participate in the tournament). Player must get past first 2 rounds. In the event of a tie, the fewest racks earned by the C/D's opponents will be the winner. Reporting scores to the tour director is the player's responsibility. Please be certain Finnegan records your score.
For the Ladies - Again, we will also be awarding the top finishing female an additional $100 so ladies, come out and represent! (Note: Minimum of 6 women must participate in the tournament. Not applicable to Top 10 ranked WPBA members. Women can only win the highest finishing female or highest finishing C/D. Not both).
Note: Finishing in the money, disqualifies a C/D and/or a female from receiving the highest finisher award.
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Tony Robles
Blatt Billiards Predator 9-Ball Tour
Stop # 14
Seminole Tribe of Florida
Empire State 9-Ball Championship
Banner Event
September 12-13
$6,500 Added
Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill
510 Hempstead Turnpike
West Hempstead, NY 11552
Local Long Island Hotels:
Quality Inn - Floral Park, NY - (718) 343-9600 - $99/night - mention Cynthia
Red Roof Inn - Westbury, NY - (516) 794-2555
Holiday Inn - Carle Place, NY - (877) 863-4780
Marriott (516) - Uniondale, NY - (516) 794-3800
Entry Fees
$100 Open/Pro
$75 A/A+
$60 B/B+
$50 C/D
$40 Juniors
Registration: There is an annual registration fee of $25 for all new players
Double Elimination
Race depends on size of field and table availability
Rack Your Own
Alternate Breaks
No Soft Breaks Allowed
Finals one race to 9
Collared Shirt Required
Doors Open at 10am
Registration Closes at Noon
Matches Start at 12:30
Jeremy Sossei Goes Through Predator Tour Stop #13 Undefeated at Master Billiards
On September 5-6, 2009, the Predator 9-ball Tour spent the weekend at Master Billiards in Queens, NY, and it brought some of NYC's toughest players along with it. Players like George Sansouci, reigning Empire State Champion "Spain" Marc Vidal, Tony Robles, Jorge Rodriguez, Jeremy Sossei, Joey Korsiak, Oscar Bonilla, Jonathan Smith, Mike Miller, and John Alicea were some of the top names to appear at Master for the Predator Tour's 13th stop of the season.
There were also some international visitors to the tour, such as 18-year-old Dennis Fokin of Russia, and Lorenzo Nonato of Italy. Nonato plays on the Euro Tour and is currently studying English in NYC. Along with his stop on the Predator Tour, you will also see Lorenzo Nonato at the upcoming US Open in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Also making a guest appearance on the Predator Tour was Pool, Poker, and Pain creator Blair Thein, who after a first-round loss to Arturo Reyes, was impressive defeating Wali Muhammed, Bobby Blackmore, and Michael Wong, before exiting with a 8-3 loss to Jonathan Smith on Saturday night.
Out of the 55 total players attending this event, 5 of them were females, with Gail Glazebrook, Alison M. Fischer, Brenda Heras, Diana "Snooky" Rojas, and the Highest Finishing C/D Player in the event, Erin McManus. This is the second time this season that Erin has won this award, and she continues to prove that she can play with some of the toughest guys in NYC.
On top of competing in the event and helping run the tournament, Gail Glazebrook, along with Snooky Rojas, were also busy commentating on a number of feature matches, streamed live by
However, reigning Ocean State Champion and Connecticut native, Jeremy Sossei, was the player to rise above the crowd at Master Billiards, going undefeated to make it his first-ever win on the Predator Tour.
On his route to the finals, Jeremy landed in the final four of the winner's bracket after defeating John Alicea, along with George Sansouci, Jorge Rodriguez, and Marc Vidal. Jeremy would defeat Marc Vidal by a 9-5 score to move on to play in the match for the hot seat.
Also moving into the hot seat match was Jorge Rodriguez, who came with a strong win over Ginky, to meet with Jeremy Sossei. In this match, Jeremy took a 7-1 lead on Jorge, but after taking a break, he did not come back to the table playing quite the same. Jorge fought all the way back to pass up Jeremy and take an 8-7 lead, winning seven consecutive games to take the hill. In the following game, Jeremy would come out on top of a safety battle, to make the match hill-hill.
In the tie-breaking game, the two got into a safety battle early on, but Jeremy left an open shot and Jorge took advantage. Jorge had a clear table, but got out of line on the 8-ball. However, he wowed the crowd with a show-stopping thin cut down the rail, and the cue ball barely missed scratching in the side pocket. He was left a cut shot with the 9 one diamond out of the corner. Incredibly, he under-cut the shot, and the 9 bounced out and onto the head spot. The fans were in shock as the cue ball then rolled towards the opposite corner pocket, but hung in the jaws. This left Jeremy Sossei with a make-or-break 9-ball, which he fired in to win the match and secure a position in the finals.
Meanwhile, after a first-round loss to Sean Morgan, winner of Predator Stop #12, Mike Miller, was grinding back through the one-loss side, with wins over Carl Khan, Justin Muller, Arturo Reyes, Juan Guzman, and Oscar Bonilla to come back on Sunday to knock out Joey Korsiak. Miller's run was then ended by Marc Vidal, who had just come from his winner's side loss to Jeremy Sossei.
Also returning on Day 2 was's Jerry Tarantola, who bounced back after a first-round loss to Tony Robles to beat "Alaska" Sean Morgan, Lionel Rivera, Steve Wright, Mhet Vergara, and John Alicea. However, Jerry would forfeit his Sunday rematch with Tony Robles, who was ousted to the one-loss side by Ginky on the hill.
However, Tony avenged his 1st loss to Ginky by beating him on the hill, 9-8. Tony did not last much longer though, as Marc Vidal would continue his strong play to beat Tony 9-5, in what Spain mentioned was his first-ever win over "The Silent Assassin."
This win moved Spain forward into the semi-final to meet Jorge Rodgriguez, who was returning from his hot seat loss to Jeremy Sossei. In this semi-final match (race to 9), Jorge and Spain stayed locked, alternating games to meet at 6-6. After Spain took a one-game lead at 7-6, Jorge had a chance tie the match again, but missed another surprising 9-ball, and Spain sailed through to win the set 9-6 to get a chance in the finals.
Marc "Spain" Vidal then met with the undefeated Jeremy Sossei in the finals. At the late hour, the players decided to shorten the race to 7 games. In the first few games, Jeremy took charge of the match with an early 3-1 lead, and continued to move forward to win dominantly with a final score of 7-3. Congratulations to Jeremy Sossei for his first win on the Predator 9-ball Tour, along with Marc Vidal for a strong performance.
The Predator 9-ball Tour would also like to thank it's sponsors Predator Cues, Blatt Billiards, Delta 13- Racks, The Seminole Pro Tour, and
Complete Payouts
1st: Jeremy Sossei $1,100
2nd: Marc “Spain” Vidal $ 800
3rd: Jorge Rodriguez $ 550
4th: Tony Robles $ 400
5th/6th: George "Ginky" Sansouci, Mike Miller $ 275
7th/8th: Joey Korsiak, Jerry Tarantola $ 200
9th-12th: Teddy Cook, Jonathan Smith, John Alicea, Oscar Bonilla $ 150
Highest Finishing C/D: Erin McManus $100
Erin McManus is the Highest C/D Finisher
On Sunday, the Predator Tour also held a B/C/D event, which featured a comeback performance from one of NYC's toughest up-and-coming players, Justin Muller. Justin, who hails from Long Island, had a first-round loss to Chris Laz, then returned with wins over Teddy Cook, Steve Wright, Rene Villalobos (6-5), Carl Khan (6-2), and Alex Gonzales (6-2).
However, young Dennis Fokin was dominating the winner's bracket of this tournament, going undefeated to land in the hot seat. And, in the final match, it looked like Dennis would easily take out Justin Muller, as he took big 4-0 lead in the final race to 7. But, Justin got back on track and turned the match around to win the final match 7-5.
Congratulations to Justin Muller, who has been officially dubbed "The Rogue Rhino" by Jerry T, for his killer instinct, aggressive style, and his "never say die" attitude, which he proved in this event.

This weekend, the Predator 9-ball Tour and the Seminole Pro Tour will join forces to bring the 2nd-Annual Empire State Championships to Raxx Pool Room in West Hempstead, NY. This $6,500-added event sponsored by Seminole Tribe of Florida will be the first event ever to count towards points on two different tours (both the Predator and the Seminole).
If you stop out to Raxx on September 12-13, you will catch some of the biggest names in pool in action, such as Dennis Hatch, Tony Crosby and Stevie Moore, as they join NYC's toughest players like George Sansouci, Tony Robles, Frankie Hernandez, and Marc Vidal, along with many more.
BCD Payouts
1st: Justin Muller $150
2nd: Dennis Fokin $100
3rd: Alex Gonzales $ 50
Justin Muller wins Day 2 BCD

Mike Miller Dominant in His First Win on the Predator Tour
August 15-16, 2009 The Predator 9-ball Tour had its 12th stop of the season at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ. Comet, which often plays host to many of the areas most sought-after events, is definitely a player favorite in the area, and Bill Haley & his staff do a great job in providing a high-quality experience for the players.
Although Comet Billiards has become a stronghold in the tri-state area since opening in 2001, it is gaining even more notoriety as the home of the Accu-Stats Arena. Pat Fleming and his team streamed feature matches live on the web all weekend for pool fans all over the world to watch--for free! You can also watch recordings of this event on the Accu-Stats video homepage via Ustream.
Kicking off the event at 1pm in the arena, Shaun Wilkie and Matt Krah were matched up in the first round. This set would go hill-hill, with Shaun overcoming Matt in the final game. Krah would take a surprisingly early exit, being defeated by Oscar Bonilla, 8-4 two matches later. Oscar would then take his match against John Alicea hill-hill, but came short to bow out early as well.
There was no shortage of killers at this event, with Shaun Wilkie, George San Souci, Joey Kong, WPBA pro Liz Ford, Sean "Alaska" Morgan, Mike Fingers, Bobby Blackmore, John Alicea, and Jerry Tarantola all in attendance, making it a good warm-up for Turning Stone. You can check out our photo gallery from Day 2 at this event... click here.
Although this event drew many of the tour regulars, there were also some newcomers to the tour at Comet, including Team DMIRO Tour Director, Mike Andrews. Alongside Allen Hopkins, Mike founded Team DMIRO (which stands for Don't Miss It Run Out), a new nation-wide pro-am tour set to debut at Eastside Billiards on August 29-30. Check it out at
It is interesting to note that another tour newbie, Richie Vazzano, had taken a 40-year hiatus from pool before competing in this event. Not only had Richie not competed since the 60's, but he is also blind in one eye--which didn't stop him from finishing in 13-16th place. He had impressive wins over Brian Hunter, John McCole, and Jason Michas, before falling to Shaun Wilkie.
Also making an appearance at this event was PA's, Mike Miller. Mike is currently ranked #8 on the Blaze Tour, but this was only his second-ever Predator event, having finished 8th at the 2008 Empire State Championships. However, Mike made quite a statement at Comet, going through Saturday undefeated, with wins over Christian Smith (8-5), Richie Vazzano, Raj Vannala (8-3), and Pete Ziemak (8-3).
On Day 2 of this event, Mike faced tour owner Tony Robles. On Saturday, Tony had hill-hill wins over Al Lapena and Joey Kong in the first two rounds, and then defeated Mark Finkelstein 8-2. In the last match featured on Accu-Stats on Saturday night, he dominated "Alaska" Sean Morgan by a score of 8-3. "The Silent Assasin" also easily handled Mike Miller with a 9-4 finish.
Leading the bottom of the winner's bracket, Ginky SanSouci was in full force, defeating Jeremy Sossei (8-6), John Alicea (8-6), and Dennis Spears (8-4). Ginky then took on Israeli up-and-comer Zion Zvi, remaining in top form to win 9-3. Although this was only Zion's third stop on the Predator Tour, he has made a big impression, winning his first event at Eastside Billiards, and finishing second to Mika Immonen at Amsterdam Billiards.
This set the hot seat match for Robles vs San Souci under the lights of the Accu-Stats Arena. Ginky took an early 3-1 lead, Tony struggling with the break and Ginky took advantage of this. Tony forged a recovery to trail by one game at 5-4, but, he still couldn't seem to get into rhythm, and Ginky went on to get to the hill at 8-5.
However, none of the following racks were very straightforward, and they battled back and forth between safeties. Tony edged forward and came through with some clutch shots to win the next 3 games and go hill-hill. In the final rack, both players made a couple unusual errors, but Ginky redeemed himself, kicking in the 3 ball after he got hooked behind the 7 ball, and running out to win a spot in the finals.
Meanwhile, Joey Kong and Shaun Wilkie faced off after battling their way to the final four on the one-loss side. Joey had Shaun in a 4-0 lead, but Shaun came back to test "King Kong" and pull ahead to win 9-7. Shaun had fought hard on the previous night in a nail-biter against "Alaska" Sean Morgan, which came to a 6-6 tie, with the following racks going into safety battles. With Shaun on the hill, Alaska nearly tied it with a 2-9 combo, but it rattled out, and Shaun came with a strong runout to win the set.
Also making it to the final four on the one-loss side was Victor Nau, who had hill-hill wins over Mike Fingers and Greg McAndrews, and a 8-3 win over Wali Muhammed. Victor's run was ended by Al Lapena, who dominated the match, 9-2. Al also took out Liz Ford (8-1), Ben Sadowski (8-4), Raj Vannala (8-2), Mhet Vergara (8-2), and Dennis Spears (8-2).
Lapena was finally tested by Mike Miller in the following match, with Miller overcoming the Filipino powerhouse in the hill-hill game. Zion Zvi also pulled through to take out Shaun Wilkie with a close 9-7 win. This set up Miller and Zvi to determine the winner of the one-loss bracket.
In this set, Miller dominated from the very start, with a 4-1 lead. In fact, it looked like Miller would run away with the match, continuing on to lead 7-2, but Zion wouldn't give up so easily. Although Miller shortly got to the hill, Zvi turned on the heat to come 8-7, but Miller closed out the win at 9-7.
This sent Mike Miller to the Accu-Stats Arena for a rematch with Tony Robles once again, for the semi-final. However, this match went very differently than their earlier set. In almost every rack, Tony and Mike both broke the 9 ball out and sitting near the bottom left pocket. However, Tony struggled to sink a ball on the break, preventing him from gaining momentum. Mike stayed focused and determined, winning the set 9-4.
The name of the game for "Maniac Mike" Miller at Comet was "fast and loose." As you will see if you watch the Accu-Stats recordings, Mike moved around the table with ease and total confidence, and this approach propelled him straight through to the finals at the Predator Tour.
In the final match, which would be a single race to 11, Ginky was awaiting Mike Miller in the hot seat. Maintaining his momentum from the semi-final, Miller had a swagger as he stepped around the table. However, Ginky was not about to be pushed over, he and Mike traded games, keeping the score close.
With a 5-5 tie, Ginky broke dry, leaving Mike to run out for the lead. Ginky returned with a runout after Mike missed a thin cut on the two, tying the score again 6-6. After alternating safes and kicks in game 13, Ginky gets an open shot and runs out, leading 7-6.
In rack 14, Mike broke and ran out to tie it again at 7-7. In the following rack, Ginky looked to have the runout, but made a fatal position error on the 7. He played safe, but it wasn't quite good enough, as Mike sliced in the 7 ball from the far side of the table. In the following game, Mike crushed the rack again, and ran out a challenging layout to lead 9-7.
Ginky broke next and had a good chance to get back in the set with a shot on the one. Surprisingly, Ginky did not get where he hoped on the 3, made a tough cut, but had an even tougher shot on the 4. He attempted to back-cut the 4 ball, but was unsuccessful, allowing Mike to runout to the hill.
On the hill, Mike demolished the rack again, dropping the 1 and 2. He was left in a tough spot on the 3 however, with the cue up table and the 3 near the head spot. He cut in the 3, and the cue bounced off the rail and kissed into the 9, into the side rail, then into the 9 again ending up stuck with the 9 blocking his path to the 4. This does not phase him in the least, as he broke out his broke out his jump cue again and popped the 4 ball in the corner to run out the rack and win the match.
Congratulations to Mike Miller, for pulling out all the stops for a tremendous win at Comet Billiards!
Complete Payouts
1st Mike Miller $1000
2nd George SanSouci $750
3rd Tony Robles $500
4th Zion Zvi $375
5th/6th Shaun Wilkie, Al Lapena $250
7th/8th Victor Nau, Joey Kong $175
9th-12th Dennis Spears, Wali Muhammad,
Pete Ziemak, Sean Morgan $125
Highest Finishing C/D: Alex Gonzalez $75
Alex Gonzalez is the Highest C/D Finisher
On Sunday, eight players turned out for the B-C-D event. Sandy Patarino and Rene Villalobos met in the finals and it was a true battle, ending in a hill-hill tiebreaker that Rene would close out to win.
BCD Payouts
1st: Rene Villalobos $150
2nd: Sandie Patarino $ 85
Rene Villalobos wins Day 2 BCD

"The Iceman" Mika Immonen Dominant in Stellar Performance at Amsterdam Billiards
A full field of 64 pool players quickly sold out the Predator Tour's 10th event of the season. Even though it was a beautiful summer weekend, the field was filled in 40 minutes. The popular Manhattan local drew top local and regional players to come out to show NYC's knowledgeable crowd that they've got game.
Standout names that were in attendance were Frankie Hernandez, Tony Robles, Mika Immonen, "Ginky" George Sansouci, Al Lapena, Zion Zvi, "Spain" Marc Vidal, Matt Krah and Bobby Blackmore.
Amsterdam Billiards has a history of hosting pro events and exhibitions, as well as bringing celebrities around the game of pool. While there were no notable celebrities in attendance, each of the 64 players were looking to make a statement at the NYC hotspot.
The Predator Tour event brought back the final 8 players in a showdown beginning at High Noon. The winner's side match ups were: Al Lapena vs. Bobby Blackmore and reining "US Open Champion" Mika Immonen vs breakthrough player Zion Zvi.
Zion has been playing tremendous as of late, including winning the 8th Stop of the Predator Tour as well as placing 3rd in the Maryland Straight Pool Championships. While Zion showed that he can hang with anyone in the world, Mika was able to clutch out the win 9-7.
Bobby Blackmore (def) Al Lapena 9-7 lining up the winner's side "Hot Seat" with arguably the best pool player in the world.... Mika Immonen.
Mika is still fresh from snapping off the Qatar Open, and is having a remarkable year, with another recent win at the Japan Open.
Bobby wasn't able to put the heat on the "Iceman" as Mika controlled the match en-route to a 9-4 score. The "W" left Mika in sole position in the finals on the winner's side of the bracket.
On the one loss side the match ups were... Matt Krah vs Victor Nau and Mhet Vergara vs Joey Kong.
Matt Krah (def) Victor Nau 9-6, before losing to Al Lapena in a tough "Hill-Hill" battle (9-8).
On the bottom half of the bracket Joey Kong "King Kong" played a big game during his 1st match over local Filipino top player Mhet Vergara.
Joey followed up with another strong performance, but couldn't overcome new player on the scene, Zion Zvi's consistent and clutch play. Zion was able to clutch out the set "Hill-Hill" 9-8.
Zion was then matched up with a top Fil-Am player Al Lapena on the front table. This match displayed strong play by both players including outstanding shotmaking and safety play. Al jumped out to an early 5-1 lead before Zion came back with a near perfect performance to win 9-7. When the dust settled, it was Zion Zvi getting the win by way of a 9-7 score.
The stage was set in a match-up between local top player Bobby Blackmore and Zion Zvi. Bobby is known for his aggressive play, hard break and quick tempo. Zion has a more determined shot making process and controlled game. The contrast in styles coupled with the fact that both of these players wanted to have a shot at "The Iceman" built up this feature match up.
Zion was dominant in a outstanding performance allowing Bobbby to only win 3 games in the race to 9.
After a short break that seemed to spark a heavy thunderstorm, the knowledgeable NYC billiards crowd was primed for the feature matchup. The final match was one race to 11 games, determining the winner of the 10th Predator Tour Stop of the season. streamed the final match and had commentary by "Snookie" Diana Rojas, "Smitty" Dan Smith, and tournament director, William Finnegan.
Zion won the lag, and pocketed a ball on his first break, but missed a tough cut on the one ball that cost him 2 games. Mika ran that rack out, and broke and ran out the next rack as well. The players traded the next two games making the score 4-2.
Mika went on an impressive 7-2 run, en-route to a 11-4 score... capping off an impressive tournament.
"The Iceman" is preparing for the Mezz Classic which will take place in Orlando from August 6-9th. The former World Champion is looking forward to seeing the cue company that makes his cue give back to the pros. Along with playing great, Mika also mentioned that he feels that he is making a great contribution to the game through his recently-released instructional DVD, "Mastering Pool."
The Predator Tour would like to thank all its players who came out to this event, as well as the tour’s sponsors: Blatt Billiards, Delta 13 Racks and The Seminole Tribe of Florida.
B-C-D Event:
There were 21 players who came out to play in the B-C-D tournament which took place on Sunday July 27th.
Ed Sumner plays a strong match over home player Trevor Heal defeating him 5-1 setting up a "Hot Seat Match" with Ed Hugh. Ed Hugh played solid defeating Ed Sumner 5-3, earning a shot in the finals.
On the west side of the bracket, Diana Rojas played a gritty match against Sam Islam (7-4), lining up a match between her and Ed Sumner.
Ed earned a spot in the finals by stopping the surging Rojas in a close 7-5 battle.
Ed Hugh was impressive in a 7-3 win over House player Ed Sumner, to capture the BCD event.
Ed Hugh wins Day 2 BCD Event

Complete Payouts - Open
1st Mika Immonen $1150
2nd Zion Zvi $775
3rd Bobby Blackmore $550
4th Al Lapena $400
5th/6th Matt Krah, Joey Kong $325
7th/8th Mhet Bergara, Victor Nau $250
9th-12th Tony Robles, Mike Yednek, Marc Vidal, Derek Schwager $175
13th-16th George Sansouci, Justin Muller, Junior Sanchez, Richard Louapre $125
Delta 13 Highest CD Finisher:
There was a tie between Neslihan Gürel and Bobby Schlotz
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st: Ed Hugh $250
2nd: Ed Sumner $170
3rd: Diana Rojas $110
4th: Sammy Islan $70
Robles Runs Through the Predator Tour at Paradise Billiards on Father's Day Weekend
The heat was on at the Predator 9-Ball Tour's 9th stop of the season, as 42 of the tour's players came out to compete for the first time at Paradise Billiards in Sunnyside, Queens.
One of the highlight players in this event was house pro Al Zea, who attended his first Predator event on this weekend. Zea suffered a first round loss to Tony Robles (8-5), but came back on a determined hot streak through the one-loss side to finish in fourth place.
Some of the other top competitors attending this event include Marc Vidal, Jorge Rodriguez, Tony Robles, "Alaska" Sean Morgan, Mhet Vergara, "Ginky" George San Souci, Zion Zvi, Oscar Bonilla, and Jerry Tarantola.
Five of the tour's ladies also came out to show what they're made of, including Gail Glazebrook, Olga Gashkova, Alison Fischer, Diana Rojas, and Erin McManus, who claimed the award for the highest finishing C/D player, winning $100.
In this event, the winner's bracket was dominated by Tony Robles, Marc Vidal, Jerry Tarantola, and Oscar Bonilla. Robles & Vidal faced off in a match that Robles would dominate by a score of 8-3. On the other side of the bracket, Tarantola trailed Bonilla by 4-1, but came back with a vengeance to win 8-5.
For the hot seat, Tony Robles and Jerry Tarantola met up in a one-sided match that Tony would mop up by a score of 8-1, sending Jerry to the one-loss side. Tony was tapped into the zone in this match, and took advantage of Jerry's errors--ending his winning streak, having not let previous opponents aside from Bonilla get past 3 games.
On the one-loss side, we saw a number of dramatic matches the between some of the toughest players. "Alaska" Sean Morgan would win a testing 8-6 match to eliminate George San Souci only to fall in the next round to house pro Al Zea, who had a strong performance, stepping out to lead 4-1. Alaska would return with two more games, but Al played lights-out, hardly missing a ball to win 8-3.
Al would then match up with Marc Vidal, returning from his winner's side loss to Tony Robles. It looked like Vidal was falling victim to fatigue even early in this match, falling short on his safeties, risking giving the momentum to Zea. However, the battle stayed neck and neck. With the match locked at 5 games, Zea made a 1-9 carom to take the lead. In the following game, Vidal played a strong safety, but Zea returned with a strong kick shot on the one ball, and ran out. Zea then broke and ran out an impressive final rack to win the set 8-5.
On the other side of the bracket, Oscar Bonilla faced off against Danny Caliente. In this match, Bonilla was too much for Caliente to handle, with Bonilla jumping out to a 5-0 lead, to finish with an 8-3 win. This set up a match between Bonilla and Al Zea in the Quarter-Finals. Zea initially continued his strong play, but the late hour was taking its toll as he made some errors, which Bonilla capitalized on, Bonilla finishing on top 8-5.
Bonilla moved on to play Jerry Tarantola in the Semi-Finals. This match played out much differently than their earlier set, with Bonilla easily winning by a score of 8-2, landing him in the finals against tour owner, Tony Robles.
The final match lined up Oscar Bonilla to play tour owner Tony Robles, who went through the tournament undefeated. The match would land at hill-hill, but Bonilla would make a fatal error as he scratched on the 7-ball to allow Robles to take the match and the tournament, making this Robles' 2nd consecutive Father's Day weekend win.
The Predator Tour would like to thank all its players who came out to this event, as well as the tour's sponsors: Blatt Billiards, Delta 13 Racks and The Seminole Tribe of Florida. Congratulations to Tony Robles for a dominating performance at Paradise Billiards.
Complete Payouts
1st: Tony Robles $1000
2nd: Oscar Bonilla $600
3rd: Jerry Tarantola $400
4th: Al Zea $300
5th: Marc Vidal $200
5th: Danny Caliente $200
7th: Sean Morgan $150
7th: Jorge Rodriguez $150
9th: Brian Hunter $100
9th: Victor Nau $100
9th: Olli Turkulainen $100
9th: Hiram Maldonado $100
Highest finishing C/D: Erin McManus $100
Eastside Billiards Crowns Zion Zvi as it's First Predator Tour Champion
On Saturday June 13 the Predator 9-Ball Tour kicked off its 8th stop of the season at Eastside Billiards, one of the newest rooms added to the tour's roster this season. Eastside is the premier location in upper Manhattan to play pool and relax with friends, and the staff and regulars... made it a great host room for the Predator Tour.
The Predator Tour brought some of the toughest players in the area out to compete at Eastside, including Jeremy Sossei, Marc Vidal, Bobby Blackmore, Joey Kong, Oscar Bonilla, "Ginky" George San Souci, Jonathan Smith, Zion Zvi, George Rodriguez, and Sean Morgan, with a total of 44 players in attendance.
WPBA Pro Liz Ford also came out to this event, along with regional ladies players Borana Andoni, Alison Fischer, and Gail Glazebrook, who had a breakout performance in this event, placing 9-12th.
This was a particularly interesting event because two newcomers to the tour had standout performances. Qi Liu, a player from North Carolina, came out to the Predator for the first time, and had a solid run through the winner's bracket until he hit the tour's other newbie, Zion Zvi in the quarterfinals of the winner's bracket, in a 9-6 loss for Liu.
In a breakout performance, Zion Zvi makes a statement in NYC through a remarkable percise weekend of stellar pool.
Although Zion Zvi may be a new name to some, this player from Tel Aviv, Israel made a mark at the Predator this weekend. He pulled off wins over Trevor Heal, Jonathan Smith, Tony Robles (7-5), Jason Hunt (7-5) Qi Liu (9-3), and Marc Vidal (9-5) which landed him in the hot seat.
After a first round loss to Tony Robles, George San Souci displayed heart with a gritty performance, going straight through the one-loss side to defeat Jason Trager, Trevor Heal, Brian Hunter, "Alaska" Sean Morgan, Gail Glazebrook, and Tony Robles.
Jerry Tarantola also bounced back from an early loss to Brian Hunter grinding back to fourth place, with notable wins over Jeremy Sossei, Oscar Bonilla, and Bobby Blackmore, before he was eliminated by George San Souci in a one-sided 9-2 match.
This win landed San Souci a shot in the semi-finals against "Spain" Marc Vidal, who had just finished a run through the winner's bracket, stopped by Zion Zvi. This match would show a strong display of kicking, banking, and safety battles, with the players staying in line with one another, landing in a hill-hill tie. One of the defining points in the match was Spain's critical kick safe which locked up the cue ball, allowing him to take control over the set to move to the finals.
In the finals, Marc Vidal returned to take another shot against Zion in single set final race to 11. In this match, Zion would remain the dominant force, keeping a steady edge over "Spain," who wasn't able to control the cue ball as well as previous matches. Zion Zvi presented a calm, controlled game, looking fearless as he moved around the table with ease. The match would end with a final score of 11-6 in favor of Zion Zvi, capping off a breakout performance.
Zion, who currently resides in Long Island, had been a long-time snooker player in Israel before picking up 9-ball in 2005. After watching the European Pool Championships, he decided to pick up 9-ball, and went on to win the Best of the East Championship within a year of the switch.
Tony Robles and his staff would like to extend their congratulations to Zion for his outstanding performance in his first Predator event, as well as thank the Predator Tour's sponsor, Predator Cues, Delta Rack, the Seminole Pro Tour, and Blatt Billiards.
Jerry Shipman, owner of Eastside Billiards, rolled out the red carpet for all of the pool players who were in attendance for it's first Predator Tour Event. A fan of competitive pool, he remarked that it was great to see so many of his local players into the event, and plans more in the future.
The Predator Tour also held the 2nd day handicapped "BCD" tournament on Sunday, with 16 players stopping out for this event. Teddy Cook would rise to the top of the winner's bracket, after a win over David Weinstein.
Weinstein came back to land in the finals after a win against Alison Fischer (6-4) who had beat Luis Novas (5-2) and Wilfredo Albay (5-0) on the one-loss side. In the final, Weinstein avenged his loss to Cook with a 7-3 win.

David Weinstein wins Day 2 BCD Event
Complete Payouts
1st Zion Zvi $1000
2nd Marc Vidal $700
3rd George San Souci $525
4th Jerry Tarantola $400
5th Bobby Blackmore $250
5th Qi Liu $250
7th Tony Robles $200
7th Oscar Bonilla $200
9th Joey Kong $100
9th Jason Hunt $100
9th Gail Glazebrook $100
9th Bill Finnegan $100
Highest Finishing C/D Player: Jason Gonzalez $100
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st: David Weinstein $150
2nd: Teddy Cook $100
3rd: Alison Fischer $30
John Alicea takes Predator ABCD at Masters
On May 30-31, the Predator 9-ball Tour took over Master Billiards in Queens, NY, for tour stop #7, their third ABCD event of the season. This event attracted 60 of the best amateurs from around the New York area, such as John Alicea, Michael Yednak, Dan Cintron, Jose Cruz, and Jay Chiu.
Four of the toughest female players from around the area also came out to compete... Gail Glazebrook, Borana Andoni, Linda Cheung, and the highest finishing female, Diana "Snookie" Rojas, who was awarded $60.
In this format, the C/D players played against each other on the bottom half of the bracket, while the A/B players took the top, in a handicapped race to 7, lower ranked player spotted games on the wire.
The Winner's Bracket:
After defeating Shorty Santiago, William Finnegan, and John Chong, Ed Hugh faced off against young gun John Alicea, in a match that Alicea dominated by a score of 7-4.
Rising to the top of the winner's bracket on the C/D side, Jay Chiu would defeat Ron Mason by a score of 7-4 to move on to the match for the hot seat against Alicea.
In the match for the hot-seat, underdog up-and-comer Jay Chiu, who had an impressive performance in this event, faced of against John Alicea, spotting Jay 2 games on the wire in a race to 7.
This match impressively went hill-hill, with the players trading game for game, and Jay showing some strong banking skills. However, in the final game, John's firepower kept him on top to win a spot in the finals.
The One-Loss Side:
There were still plenty of tough players fighting it out on the one-loss side come Sunday morning when the action started at noon.
Michael Yednak, who was knocked to the one-loss side by John Alicea, would have a great run to defeat Jerry Tarantola, William Finnegan, Dan Cintron, John Chong, and Ed Hugh, to fall to Jose Cruz in a close 7-5 match.
Jose Cruz also came a long way through the loser's bracket, winning a stunning 10 matches to land in the finals against John Alicea, after crushing Jay Chiu by a score of 7-1. Jose's play was very impressive, and I would say he was playing near-perfectly on Sunday afternoon.
The Finals:
In the final match, Jose Cruz would meet with the undefeated John Alicea in a final race to 9. Cruz, rated as a "C," got 2 games on the wire in this match, as Alicea is rated an "A."
However, as mentioned, Jose was showing some outstanding play on that afternoon, and with the two-game spot, this match turned out to be an uphill battle for Alicea. Early on, Alicea made some uncharacteristic mistakes, and Cruz jumped to a 4-2 lead after John scratched on the break. In the following game, Jose would break dry to allow John to runout and close the gap to 4-3.
Just as things were looking to turn around for Alicea, Cruz jumped up to a huge 8-3 lead over Alicea after a couple crucial missed balls, landing him one game away from the win.
But, in the following game, Cruz missed a safety, letting John run out, making the score 8-4, and Alicea started to pick up some momentum. Cruz also started to make some little mistakes that weren't customary in the beginning of the set, as he hung an 8-ball, allowing Alicea another game 8-5.
John was finally getting into his stroke, and turned his game around making some smarter defensive decisions. To close the gap to two games, John broke successfully and left a 2-9 combo to make the score 8-6.
After John missed a 1-ball in the next rack, the players exchanged safeties with John coming out on top. From there, John ran to 8-ball, but made a misstep on his position for the 9, tapping it into the rail and leaving the cue ball facing the 9 to the rail. John and Jose exchanged safeties, nudging the cue into the 9, but John played the game winning safe by skimming the cue off the 9, keeping the 9 on the rail and the cue on the opposite rail. Jose would attempt a bank on the 9, but miss and leave it for John, making the score hill-hill.
In the hill game, Jose broke, then missed a 1-7 combo. John ran to the 4, but got out of line on the 5 and played safe. However, Jose got another chance, but landed bad on the 9, with the 9 near the end rail and the cue facing at an 80 degree angle. Jose went for a full-table bank, and it barely rattled, leaving the match and the win for John.
Both players showed a lot of heart throughout the event and fought hard to make it to the finals. Congratulations to John Alicea for his first Predator 9-ball Tour win!
The next Predator event will be the $1500 added Eastside Billiards stop on June 15-16th.
John Hacsi wins Day 2 BCD Event

Complete Payouts
1st John Alicea $1000
2nd Jose Cruz $650
3rd Jay Chiu $500
4th Michael Yednak $375
5th Ed Hugh $225
5th Ron Mason $225
7th John Chong $150
7th Arturo Reyes $150
9th Dan Cintron $100
9th Juan Guzman $100
9th Alberto Estevez $100
9th John Hacsi $100
Delta 13 Highest Female:
Diana Rojas: $60
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st John Hacsi $120
2nd Jimmy Acosta $80
3rd Dan Dagotdot $20
McCreesh Takes Down Predator Stop #6 at Comet
The Predator Tour's sixth stop of the season came through Comet Billiards this past weekend, and drew an extremely strong field of 58 players. The players were all business as they came out to play on Memorial Day weekend all vying to make a statement at the home of the "Accu-Stats Arena". Pat Flemming (Accu-Stats) has been doing a great job in contributing towards the revitalization of pool on a local level providing a professional TV arena driving interest from Pro players to play in local events.
There was a surprise showing besides the super-strong regional players such as "Ginky" George San Souci, Tony Robles, Ryan McCreesh, Manny Chau, Jonathan Smith, Oscar Bonilla,"Alaska" Sean Morgan, Joey Kong, Jeremy Sossei, and Shaun Wilke. Legendary pro Mike Sigel also made a rare appearance to compete. Mike is a 10-time World Champion and was also voted the Greatest Living Player of the 20th Century. It was also good to see that legendary straight pool player Earl Herring came out to compete as well.
Mike Sigel drew a big crowd and his ability to liven up a crowd left the pool room buzzing. While Mike played strong overall including several dominant sets, he lost to Tony Robles 9-7 and "Ginky" 9-6 leading to a respectable 4th place finish.
Ryan McCreesh went through the winner's side of the bracket undefeated delighting the rail birds with stellar play. On the road to the finals Ryan went through Jonathan Smith 9-6, Wayne Nicholson 9-4, Manny Chau 9-5, Greg McAndrews 9-0, Tony Robles 9-2. In the finals, Ryan was matched up against "Ginky" George San Souci, who put on a clinic of heart and determination, grinding out match after match earning him a spot in the finals. Ginky played a stellar set against Mike Sigel on the TV table defeating him 9-6 and followed it up with a gritty "Hill-Hill" Hot Seat Match victory over Tony Robles.
In the finals the Accu-Stat's TV stage was set... a match up between Maryland's Ryan McCreesh and NY's "Ginky" George San Souci. Ryan McCreesh has been on fire of late recently winning the Maryland 10 Ball Championships and the Maryland bar table championships. Ginky continues to be a favorite in the Predator Tour and other local events. Ryan took off out of the gate with a 5-0 lead after a few missed opportunities by Ginky and combination of stellar play and fortunate rolls. Ryan began struggling on the break and started to lose some of his momentum and Ginky began to capitalize closing the gap to 6-4. Unfortunately for "Ginky" he began getting several bad rolls and was unable to come up with a shot after the break leaving him frustrated. While "Ginky" didn't show much frustration it was clear that he was unable to continue his momentum as Ryan regained control of the match. Ryan caught a second wind and hit his high gear and pulled away from the set leading to his first Predator Tour Title.
The Predator Tour's next stop will be a A-B-C-D event May 30-31 at Master Billiards. (39-01 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY)
Christian Smith Takes Day 2 BCD Event
Complete Payouts
1st: Ryan McCreesh $1,000
2nd: George San Souci $650
3rd: Tony Robles $475
4th: Mike Sigel $350
5th: Manny Chau $250
5th: Greg McAndrews $250
7th: Jeremy Sossei $175
7th: Joey Kong $175
9th: Bobby Blackmore $150
9th: Sean Morgan $150
9th: Earl Herring $150
9th: Jerry Tarantola $150
13th: Wayne Nicholson $100
13th: Shaun Wilkie $100
13th: Jonathan Smith $100
13th: Eric Toledo $100
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st: $150 Christian Smith
2nd: $100 Mike Cardinal
3rd: $40 Devil Dave
Team Kiss of Death wins the 2009
BCA Women's Open Team National 8-Ball Championship
Congratulations to team Kiss of Death for winning the 2009 BCA Women's Open Team National 8-Ball Championship in Las Vegas. All the ladies on team Kiss of Death play on the Predator 9-Ball Tour and we couldn't be more proud of them for their accomplishement. From left to right, Michele Li, Emily Duddy, Olga Gashkova, Alison Fischer, Team Captain Gail Glazebrook, and Borana Andoni. See you guys at the next event!
Also just a reminder that the next stop on the Predator 9-Ball Tour will be at Comet Billiards this upcoming weekend May 23rd & 24th. In addition, the following stop scheduled for May 30th & 31st at Gallery Billiards has been cancelled due to the room closing its doors. An ABCD event will be added to the tour schedule in place of this event, however the date for this event has not been finalized yet. Please stay tuned.
Lionel Rivera Goes Undefeated in Stop #5
The Blatt Billiards Predator 9-Ball Tour held its second “A-B-C-D” stop of the 2009 season. A total of seventy-nine players showed up for tour’s two events of the weekend.
The main tournament began Saturday and drew sixty-two of the Tri-State area’s strongest players. The tournament structure lets the A-B players battle it out at the top of the chart, while the C-D players compete on the bottom.
Picking up right where he left off from the first A-B-C-D event (3rd place), Lionel Rivera, took advantage of a first round bye and fell into dead stroke by defeating John Mazes 7-2, Craig Seal 7-4, Mike Wong 7-4 and Thomas Wan 7-4 to remain unscathed after the first day.
Albert Estevez also took advantage of a first round bye and defeated Dave Ascolese 7-3, Bobby Varughese 7-3 and a close call with Shawn Sookhai 7-6.
The very classy Beau Baer was having a monster tournament with clear-cut wins over Mark Perel 7-5, Charlie Lentini 7-4, Bob Mammarella 7-3 and Shorty Santiago 7-5.
Stop #4’s B-C-D winner PJ Puma also went undefeated with wins over Dennis Lake 7-6, Mike Ettl 7-2, and a very tight win over Alex Gonzalez 7-6.
The one loss side still had many killers fighting to stay alive. Thomas Wan continued to fight after his loss to Lionel Rivera but was stopped by Beau Baer 7-3. Shorty Santiago was defeated by Beau Baer 7-5, but came back to defeat Charlie Lentini 7-4 only to fall short against Thomas Wan 7-2. Dave Ascolese was grinding it out after his first loss to Albert Estevez and defeated Duane Toney 7-4 and Gregory Charles 7-2 before losing to Mike Ettl 7-3.
New comer to the tour Charlie Lentini was also having a great tournament with incredible wins over Justin Muller 7-0 and John Alicea 7-3. John Hacsi was taking care of business on the one-loss side. After losing to Jim Murnak 7-2, John came back to defeat Stefan Wiegmann 7-0, Teddy Cook 7-2, Rob Slayback 7-1, and Mike Ettl 7-3 but lost a heart breaker to Shawn Sookhai 7-6.
As day one came to a close, only four were left undefeated; Lionel Rivera, Beau Baer, P.J. Puma & Albert Estevez. On the A-B side, Lionel Rivera would face Beau Baer for a chance at the hot seat, while in the C-D bracket, P.J. Puma would battle Albert Estevez.
While Lionel Rivera remained in control of his game on day two, Beau seemed to be a different player. Lionel took advantage of a couple of mistakes and dominated Baer 7-2 for a chance at the hot seat. Albert Estevez took care of PJ Puma to earn his shot at the hot seat winning 7-5.
The match for the hot seat was a barn burner with Lionel squeaking out the win 7-6.
On the one loss side, Shawn Sookhai staged a comeback by winning four in a row, (three of them hill-hill matches) to earn a shot at the semifinals against Albert Estevez. But Sookhai seemed to lose his steam against Estevez and Albert played tough pool. Estevez won 7-3 against Sookhai for a chance to redeem himself against Lionel.
In the final, Lionel could not be denied as he calmly ran rack after rack to claim his first Predator Tour stop win of this season, winning 7-4.
Click here to view Gallery of Pictures on courtesy of James Javier
Charlie Lentini Wins Day 2 BCD Event Stop #5
The tour also hosted the Delta-13 second day B-C-D event which was won by my good friend Charles Lentini. Charles defeated Dave Deserio in the final 7-4.
Stop #6 will be taking place May 23-24 at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ. Pat Fleming will be on hand to stream the matches live through This stop will be open to all players!
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Complete Payouts
1st Lionel Rivera $1000
2nd Albert Estevez $675
3rd Shawn Sookhai $500
4th Beau Baer $350
5th Thomas Wan $250
6th PJ Puma $250
7th Alex Gonzalez $175
8th Shorty Santiago $175
9th Charlie Lentini $100
10th John Alicea $100
11th John Hacsi $100
12th Bobby Varughese $100
13th Bob Mammarella $50
14th Dave Manasseri $50
15th Mike Ettl $50
16th Ryan Klett $50
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st Charlie Lentini $200
2nd Dave Deserio $100
3rd John Chong $60
4th Chris Laz $35
Tony Robles Grinds Out a Win at Stop #4
Stop #4 of the Predator 9-Ball Tour kicked off Easter Weekend with a very strong field of 45 players at Cue Bar in Bayside, NY. Top players in attendance included World Champion and Hall of Famer Mike Sigel, Oscar Bonilla, Shaun Wilkie, Al Lapena, Holden Chin, Frankie Hernandez, Jorge Rodriguez, Jeremy Sossei, Sean “Alaska” Morgan, Mhet Vergara, Mike Fingers, Victor Nau, Eddie Uber, Marc Vidal, George SanSouci and Tony Robles.
Before we go on to the results, I would like to inform everyone that a dear friend of the tour, Scott Simonetti came up with a rare bacterial infection and had part of his left arm and left leg amputated. I’ve known Scott for about 20 years and can honestly tell you that he was always fearless and had the heart of a lion when it came to competition on the green felt. Please keep Scott in your prayers as he recovers.
With the sixteen Open and Pro players in the event, no player was ever comfortable with the matches that lay before them. And many of the higher ranked players found victory against the usually dominating Pros.
Opening first round matches saw open player Mhet Vergara against the ever improving Lionel Rivera (A) with Lionel nearly giving Vergara a donut winning 8-1. Another impressive win was John Alicea (A) who took down giant player Frankie Hernandez (Pro) 8-5. Victor Nau also had a tough opening draw in Al Lapena who has continued to do well in the Predator events this season. Victor struggled to stay in the match and lost 8-4.
Later rounds found Mike Sigel, winner of the Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases $50 give-back, against Predator tour veteran Oscar Bonilla. The match opened with Oscar coming out strong 4-1 with Mike finding the tables unfriendly to his break. A couple of missed shots by Oscar allowed Sigel to close the gap and tie it hill/hill, Oscar’s break. Oscar broke and found a very difficult 1-ball shot. Rather than push out, Oscar made an incredible shot pocketing the 1-ball and ran out the table to defeat Sigel 8-7.
Tony Robles was on cruise control until he ran into Sean “Alaska” Morgan. Morgan played strong throughout the set and capitalized on a number of mistakes by Robles and defeated the Assassin 8-6.
Michael Yednak had a great tournament with big time wins over Thomas Wan 8-7, Rene Villalobos 8-7, Andrew Kane 8-7, then lost a heartbreaker to Jeremy Sossei 8-7 and then Tony Robles knocked Michael out leaving him with a 9th thru 12th finish.
Shaun Wilkie started out strong defeating Mike Fingers 8-6, then Darwin Vergara 8-5, Mike Wong 8-6, then ran into tour new comer Eddie Uber and lost 8-7. He would fight back on the one-loss side with two strong wins over Mike Sigel 9-4 and Marc Vidal 9-8 before falling to Jeremy Sossei 9-7.
Oscar Bonilla continues to show the crowd he is a force to be reckoned with. Before his big win over Mike Sigel, Oscar defeated Brian Hunter 8-2, then Sigel 8-7, Al Lapena 8-5, Jeremy Sossei 9-7 and won the hot seat match against Sean Morgan 9-6. The comfortable Bonilla then waited for the one-loss side to catch up.
After losing to Alaska , Robles worked out his demons on the one-loss side with big time wins over Mhet Vergara 8-4, Michael Yednak 8-0, Al Lapena 9-6, Eddie Uber 9-8 & Jeremy Sossei 9-4. This set up a rematch between Robles and Morgan who enjoyed his best Predator Tournament ever with wins over Erin McManus 8-0, Jorge Rodriguez 8-3, Tony Robles 8-6, Marc Vidal 8-3, & Eddie Uber 9-5, before losing to Oscar Bonilla 9-6. In the semi-final match, Tony came out vengeful with a 9-3 win and geared up to face Oscar in the finals.
The finals, as predicted, was a close battle that saw both players playing great pool with few errors. At hill/hill, Tony broke and calmly ran out to win his first stop of the 2009 season.
Our Delta-13 Highest Finishing C/D player was Steve Wright. Steve played incredible pool this tournament with amazing wins over Louis Pannullo 8-5, Brian Hunter 8-6 & John Lazo 8-4. This is Steve’s second time winning the Delta-13 Highest Finishing C/D and after his stellar play this season, he was raised to the B level. Congratulations Steve!
PJ Puma Wins Day 2 BCD Event Stop #4
The tour also hosted a B-C-D tournament on Sunday with 10 players vying for the top prize of $150. Players that played in the Open event on Saturday got to play for $20 on Sunday and earn double points for their Open tournament finish, plus 10 points for playing in the event. The finals of the event saw the Delta-13 Highest Finishing C/D Player Steve Wright (now a B player) versus newbie P.J. Puma, a Cue Bar regular. P.J. was undefeated going into the finals with wins over Jesse Thomas, Paul Raval, Andrew Kane & Alex Borukovich. In the finals, at hill/hill, Steve devastatingly hooked himself in the side pocket. A failed masse attempt on the 2-ball left P.J. with a five ball run out that he successfully completed allowing him to finish in 1st place. Congratulations to P.J. Puma for winning the tournament in his homeroom, Cue Bar!
The tour would like to thank Cue Bar billiards for hosting another great event and look forward to returning to the venue June 27th & 28th. We would also like to thank Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases for their contribution toward the play fund. Each tournament for the rest of the season, Jim Murnak Custom Cue Cases will donate $50 toward a random player’s entry fee. Names will be drawn from a hat to determine the winner each tournament. This week’s winner was none other than Mike Sigel!
Stop #5 will be taking place at Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill this coming weekend April 18th & 19th. This will be an ABCD event only! No Pros or Open players will be allowed!
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Complete Payouts
1st Tony Robles $1,000
2nd Oscar Bonilla $650
3rd Sean Morgan $475
4th Jeremy Sossei $350
5th Shaun Wilkie $275
5th Eddie Uber $275
7th Al Lapena $150
7th Marc Vidal $150
9th Ariel Rivera $100
9th Justin Muller $100
9th Mike Sigel $100
9th Michael Yednak $100
Delta 13 Highest Finishing C/D:
Steven Wright $100
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st PJ Puma $ 150
2nd Steven Wright $ 80
3rd Alex Borukovich $ 20
Marco Dy is Mr. Winner at Mr. Cue
Tony Robles and the Blatt Billiards Predator 9-ball Tour held their first "ABCD" tournament of the season this past weekend at Mr. Cue's Billiards in Lindenhurst, NY. The tour's 3rd $1,000-added stop welcomed a total of 80 of its players to this new pool room on the tour's schedule, and they created a significant buzz within the pool room.
The main tournament drew a full field of 64 players, which comprised a perfect mix of 32 C's and D's and 32 B's and A's. This two-day event brought many of the Tri-State area's strongest up-and-coming men and women players trying to climb the Predator Tour points standings.
After day one came to an end, the buzz was all about the impressive play of emerging players Justin Muller, Marco Dy, Borana Andoni, and Lionel Rivera who were impressive in staying in full control as they remained undefeated.
There was also a solid showing from local Long Island players, including Beau Bear, James Swanson, Frankie Cologne, Joe Hunter, Erin McManus, Dennis Lake, and John Mazes, who brought their A-game. Though Borana Andoni was the highest finishing female, Erin McManus was awarded the $100 for the runner-up Delta-13 highest finishing female, due to Borana cashing in 9th – 12th place.
As play unfolded on Sunday, the story was all about players who showed a no-quit attitude on the table, and the final match-up was surely not easily predicted.
Emerging player Thomas Wan lost his first match, but quietly won 8 consecutive matches before losing a come-from-behind set to none other than the Predator Tour Tournament Director, William Finnegan. Finnegan had a stand-out performance and surely surprised a few people, as he bounced back from a hill-hill loss to Erin McManus before winning 9 consecutive matches in a row to land his spot in the finals.
In the Finals, Finnegan met up with Marco Dy, who also had a breakthrough tournament earning an undefeated spot in the finals after squeaking through a hard-fought hill-hill set with Lionel Rivera. Lionel was then taken out in the semi-finals by Finnegan in another dramatic hill-hill battle, with Finnegan making the 9 on the break to win the match.
The final set saw Finnegan start out strong to build a 7-2 lead in the race to 9 games, looking very dominant. In a surprising turn of events, Marco grinded back to tie the score at 8-8 putting himself in another gut check hill-hill situation.
Finnegan had the break and successfully pocketed a ball and had an open table for a chance to earn the title and the personal victory of having gone through 10 consecutive players... Uncharacteristically, he missed an easy 2-ball to the crowd's surprise, giving Marco the easy run out and his 1st Predator Tour victory. Congratulations to both Marco and Finnegan, who showed true performances of heart.
Click here to view Gallery of Pictures courtesy of
Dave Manasseri Wins Day 2 BCD Event Stop #3
The Predator Tour also hosted a second day B-C-D event, which brought out 16 players to compete on Sunday afternoon. Dave Manasseri and Bob Mammarella fought through this field to make it to the finals, but it was Dave Manasseri who would come out on top in the finals with a dominant 7-2 win over Mammarella.
Stop # 4 will be taking place April 11-12 at Cuebar in Bayside, Queens. This will be an Open/Pro-Am event. Please visit to see the complete schedule.
Complete Payouts
1st Marco Dy $1,000
2nd William Finnegan $650
3rd Lionel Rivera $500
4th Thomas Wan $325
5th John Mazes $250
5th Jose Soto $250
7th James Swanson $150
7th Frankie Cologne $150
9th Justin Muller $100
9th Joe Hunter $100
9th Dennis Lake $100
9th Borana Andoni $100
13th Beau Baer $75
13th John Hasci $75
13th Shawn Scokah $75
13th John Alicea $75
Delta 13 Highest Finishing Female:
Borana Andoni
Erin McManus $100
*Prize awarded to runner-up as cashing nullifies winning highest finisher award
Delta 13 Highest Finishing Female:
Borana Andoni (T-9th place finish)
Delta 13 - Runner-up - Highest Finishing Female:
Erin McManus $100
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st Dave Manasseri $160
2nd Bob Mammarella $100
3rd Pete Tascarella Jr. $30
4th Keith Jones $30

Mezz Cues Rep. Mika "The Ice Man" Immonen Snaps off Stop #2
The Blatt Billiards Predator 9-ball Tour kicked off its second stop with an astonishing 108 players at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ this weekend. Seventy nine players showed up for the open on Saturday and twenty nine players competed for the top prize in the second day BCD event.
Top players in attendance included Mezz Cues Representative Mika Immonen, Stop #1 winner Ignacio Chavez, George Sansouci, Rob Saez, Shaun Wilkie, Marc Vidal, Jorge Rodriguez, Bobby Blackmore, Oscar Bonilla, Mhet Vergara, Frankie Hernandez, Sean Morgan, Jason Michas, Al Lapena and Tony Robles.
Day one action found many of the top players in comfortable positions following the first rounds. Frankie Hernandez was playing strong pool in his first stop of the season with wins over John Lazo 7-1, Holden Chin 7-1 Brian Hunter 7-2 and a tough win against Oscar Bonilla 7-4 to come to day 2 undefeated.
Ignacio Chavez was in top form following his stop #1 victory with wins over Dennis Lake 7-0, Michele Li 7-1, Scott Simonietti 7-0, Mhet Vergara 7-5. Chavez finished off day one with a solid win over Rob Saez 7-5 ending day one still undefeated.
Tony Robles quickly got into a groove with wins over Borana Andoni 7-2, Randy Schwager 7-4, Damon Sobers 7-1. Robles remained undefeated at the conclusion of day 1 with a strong 7-4 win over Al Lapena. Meanwhile, George “Ginky” Sansouci defeated Raj Vannala 7-0, Chris Lynch 7-2, and Jason Michas 7-2 to also close out day one unscathed.
Mika Immonen started the day in normal form with wins against John Alicea 7-2, Wayne Nicholson 7-3, Jonathan Castillo 7-2 but fell to Seminole Pro Tour player Rob Saez 7-5 and scooted to the one-loss side.
Raphael DaBreo had a terrific weekend defeating Sal Lanuto 7-5 before losing to Bobby Blackmore on the hill 7-6 and starting his tear through the one loss side defeating “Devil” Dave Ascolese 7-6 and a stunning win over Carmen Lombardo 7-6 before falling to Junior Sanchez 7-6. Raphael was the Delta 13 highest finishing C/D player for the event as well as the B-C-D runner up on Sunday. Congratulations Raphael for an excellent weekend of tournament play!
Liz Ford continued to play her best against the boys. She defeated Mark Pantovic 7-0, but lost to Damon Sobers 7-5. Unphased, Ford went on to defeat open player Steve Lillis 7-6 before losing to Randy Schwager 7-2, but still got farther than all the other women in the event to win the Delta 13 highest finishing female for the second tournament in a row.
On day two, Ignacio Chavez picked up right where he left off by defeating Frankie Hernandez 9-6 to earn a spot for the hot seat. Tony Robles won a hard fought set against the legendary George “Ginky” Sansouci 9-6 to set up the match against Chavez.
In the match against Chavez, Robles took the lead 4-2 early in the match but scratched on three routine shots which ultimately cost him the set 9-6. Now all Robles could do was wait for the winner of Mika Immonen and Jorge Rodriguez.
Mika was on a mission on day two and was determined to make it to the finals. He dominated the one loss side with wins over Randy Schwager 7-3 and Mhet Vergara 7-2 to end day one. Mika started the second day by defeating Sean Morgan 9-2, Al Lapena 9-7, Frankie Hernandez 9-0 and Jorge Rodriguez 9-3 for the right to meet Tony in the semifinal.
Mika’s break and patterns were in perfect form against Tony as he defeated the Silent Assassin 9-3. Tony stated: “In my opinion, I don’t think that anyone in the world is playing better than Mika right now. He will not beat himself. You have to beat him. And in order to do that, you have to keep pace with him and keep your mistakes to a minimum.“
Everyone was excited to watch the final match between these two great warriors. Mika continued to break and run with consistency while Chavez struggled to make a ball on the break and whenever he did, he usually could not see the one ball.
Mika dominated the match making few mistakes. He came with his full arsenal and put on a clinic in shot making, position play, kicking, banking and defense to easily win the match by a score of 11-4.
Christian Smith Wins BCD Event Stop #2
The Predator 9-Ball Tour also hosted a second day BCD event. Twenty nine players came out to battle for the top prize. Christian Smith took care of business in the top of the chart to earn his spot for the hot seat with wins over Guy Ianuzzi 5-0, Scott Abramowitz 5-2, Dave Fitzpatrick 5-3 and Michael Esposito 5-3.
In the bottom half of the chart, Raphael DaBreo was still hot after winning the highest finishing C/D prize in the Open the day before. Raphael started the day with wins over Gary Barnish 5-2, Chris Root 5-1, Paul Raval 5-3 and Eddie Crespo 5-4 to set up a hot seat match against Christian Smith.
It was a close match from the beginning but Christian came out on top defeating Raphael 5-3. Meanwhile, Guy Ianuzzi was making everyone pay for his first lost by winning 6 matches in a row to earn a spot against Raphael in the semifinal. Guy ran out of steam and succumbed to Raphael 5-3.
In the final race to seven, Christian started strong and Raphael put up a great fight but fell short losing to Christian 7-5.
Thanks to Comet Billiards (Bill and Marcia Haley), Pat Fleming, and all the players and spectators who came out to support the tour and Comet Billiards this past weekend.
The next Predator 9-Ball Tour stop will be taking place at Mr. Cue Billiards in Lindenhurst, NY on March 28-29. This stop will be an ABCD event only. No Open or Pros will be allowed to play in this event.
I look forward to seeing you all in Lindenhurst.
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Complete Payouts
1st Mika Immonen $1,400
2nd Ignacio Chavez $1,000
3rd Tony Robles $ 700
4th Jorge Rodriguez $ 500
5th George Sansouci $ 325
6th Frankie Hernandez $ 325
7th Oscar Bonilla $ 225
8th Al Lapena $ 225
9th Rob Saez $ 135
10th Lionel Rivera $ 135
11th Shaun Wilkie $ 135
12th Sean Morgan $ 135
13th Mhet Vergara $ 100
14th Junior Sanchez $ 100
15th Justin Muller $ 100
16th Marc Vidal $ 100
Delta 13 Highest Finishing Female:
Liz Ford $100
Delta 13 Highest Finishing C/D:
Raphael DaBreo $100
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st Christian Smith $325
2nd Raphael DaBreo $175
3rd Guy Ianuzzi $125
4th Paul Raval $75
5th Eddie Crespo $30
6th Michael Esposito $30
Chavez Kicks Off Predator 2009 Season Opener with a Win!
The Blatt Billiards Predator 9-Ball Tour opened up the 2009 season at Raxx Pool Room in West Hempstead, NY with 70 players vying for the top prize. Top players in attendance included Jeremy Sossei, Oscar Bonilla, Ignacio Chavez, Fran Crimi, Empire State Champion Marc “Spain” Vidal, Liz Ford, Sean “Alaska” Morgan, Bobby Blackmore & Tony Robles.
Day one had its share of surprising matches and stand out players. Tour owner Tony Robles started out strong with wins over Thomas Wan 8-4 & Marc Vidal 8-3 but ran into trouble against Jeremy Sossei, losing 8-5. Robles fought back through the one-loss side until he ran into Oscar Bonilla, losing 9-7 and finishing 7th/8th.
Liz Ford started the Predator tour season in winning fashion. Liz won highest finishing female, easily finishing 3 rounds higher than any of the other ten females in the event. But this wasn’t enough for the WPBA pro as she fought hard at the end of day one defeating Pete Tascarella Sr. 7-4 to return for day two action to play Pete Tascarella Jr., the son in the family of cue makers. Pete Jr. couldn’t tame Miss Ford either and lost to her 9-6. Liz continued to play strong against Jeremy Sossei keeping it close in the beginning, but Jeremy took control of the match at 3-3 and never looked back. Ford lost 9-4 to Sossei, finishing 9th–12th.
Other standout players included John Alicea, who continues to push and test many of the tours top players. On day one, John scored big wins over Victor Nau 8-4 and Jeremy Sossei 9-5. Day two saw John struggle and lose to Mhet Vergara 9-2 and Oscar Bonilla 9-5 leaving Alicea to settle for 5th/6th. Our other 5th/6th finisher was Jerry Tarantola who came out swinging on day one. With his monster break on his side, Tarantola easily defeated Jonathan Trager 8-0, Caroline Pao 8-3, and Pete Tascarella Jr. 8-2. Tarantola looked good playing Bobby Blackmore on day two with a 9-7 win but hit a wall name Ignacio Chavez, losing 9-2. Tarantola seemed to lose his steam and became another Sossei victim finishing with a 9-5 loss.
Mhet Vergara had his best Predator 9-Ball tournament ever staying undefeated on day one with wins over “the other” Allison Fischer, Andrew Kane, Chris Laz, and Lionel Rivera . On day two, Vergara continued to have success with a close call against Holden Chin winning 9-8 & John Alicea 9-2. Vergara then took on Ignacio Chavez for the hot seat. Ignacio played incredible pool this tournament with convincing wins over Dave Danchak 8-3, Steve Wright 8-5, Sean “Alaska” Morgan 8-5, Mike Fingers 9-2, & Jerry Tarantola 9-2. In the hot seat match, Chavez was the clear winner defeating Vergara 9-4.
Oscar Bonilla had a long road to the final three. He started out strong defeating Justin Muller 8-4 and Rob Omen 8-3, but lost to Holden Chin on the hill. On the one-loss side, Bonilla fought back defeating Thomas Wan 7-2, Lionel Rivera 9-5, Mike Fingers 9-2, Tony Robles 9-7, John Alicea 9-5 and made Jeremy Sossei settle for 4th place with a 9-5 win.
Semi-final action saw Bonilla and the recently defeated Vergara battle for a chance at Chavez in the finals. Vergara appeared focused but tight during the match against Bonilla. Bonilla capitalized on the tension and defeated Vergara 9-4 for a chance at Chavez in the finals.
The final was all Chavez. The rested Chavez seemed calm and poised throughout the match and dominated Bonilla. The final race to 11 seemed one-sided as Chavez was beating Bonilla 9-4. Bonilla mounted a comeback closing the gap 10-7, but Chavez put an end to Bonilla’s run and finished the set winning the tournament with an 11-7 final score.
The tour also started an amateur event on Sundays for B-C-D players. Players that played in the Open event on Saturday got a lower entry fee in the event which includes bonus points for the player of the year standings. Of the 26 players, Romeo Singh and Jose Soto ended up in the finals. In the end, Soto took the 1st place prize, defeating Singh 7- 4.
Click here to view Gallery of Pictures
Complete Payouts
1st Ignacio Chavez $1,200
2nd Oscar Bonilla $850
3rd Mhet Vergara $600
4th Jeremy Sossei $400
5th/6th John Alicea $275
Jerry Tarantola $275
7th/8th Tony Robles $200
Sean Morgan $200
9th-12th Liz Ford $125
Holden Chin $125
Mike Fingers $125
Bobby Blackmore $125
13th-16th Lionel Rivera $ 75
Victor Nau $ 75
Pete T. Jr. $ 75
Paul Johnson $ 75
Highest Finishing Female – Liz Ford $100
Highest Finishing C/D – Steve Wright $100
Jose Soto Wins 1st Predator Tour BCD Event
Complete Payouts - BCD Day 2
1st Jose Soto $300
2nd Romeo Singh $175
3rd Hiram Sherman $100
4th Ariel Rivera $45
Press Release
Tony Robles’ Predator 9-Ball Tour Launches into 2009 with
Big Name Sponsors
After a hugely successful inaugural year, the Predator 9-Ball Tour is ready to start the 2009 season with the addition of some big name sponsors and exciting new events.
We would like to thank The Predator Group for supporting this tour and making it possible to help the sport grow.
“The 2008 Predator 9-Ball Tour established a new standard in billiards tournament series,” said Karim Belhaj, CEO of The Predator Group. “We look forward to growing the tour even more in 2009, through our collaboration with Tony Robles, by bringing together billiards' top pros and generating a new level of excitement in the United States.”
The tour welcomes Blatt Billiards as one of its title sponsors for 2009. Blatt Billiards is one of the most prestigious names in pool and billiards equipment, supplying the largest collection of antique, contemporary and custom pool tables in the country. Blatt is also the largest Predator Cue dealer in the world so uniting with the Predator 9-Ball Tour was a natural choice. Blatt celebrated its 85th anniversary last year and is excited to partner their prominent name with the class and sophistication of Tony Robles and his Predator 9-Ball Tour.
"Blatt Billiards, is proud to be the presenting sponsor in this important 9-Ball Tour. Tony Robles and Predator Cues make a great partnership, and they know how to do things right."…Ron Blatt.
The tour is also very proud to announce their partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida & the Seminole Pro Tour. The Predator 9-Ball Tour held the first ever Empire State Championship last year and crowned Marc Vidal its champion. This year, the Seminole Tribe of Florida is sponsoring this special event which will count as points toward both the Seminole Pro Tour and the Predator 9-Ball Tour, the first time ever two regional tours have worked together to host an event to Pro-Am players.
In a statement released by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Seminole Pro Tour Director Kevin Pickard states:
“The Seminole Tribe of Florida and The Seminole Pro Tour are happy to partner with Tony Robles and the Predator 9-Ball Tour for this upcoming event at Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill. We have worked with Tony in the past and are confident that this event will be of the highest quality.
We look forward to continuing our great relationship with the billiard industry as we venture around the United States supporting and promoting events. For more information on the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Seminole Pro Tour, please visit or”
The Seminole Tribe of Florida Empire State Championship, hosted by the Predator 9-Ball Tour, will take place on September 12-13, 2009 at Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill in West Hempstead, Long Island NY. This will be a $6,500 added event!
The tour is also happy to have Tiger Products, Webb Custom Cues as well as Phil Capelle (Billiards Press) come on board this year. Tiger Products & Webb Custom Cues are both top names in cue craftsmanship and development and the tour is thrilled to have them join the Predator 9-Ball Tour family. Phil Capelle, a close friend of Tony Robles, did not hesitate to sponsor the tour after witnessing the Empire State Championship last year.
"I had the pleasure of watching the Empire State Championship and was extremely impressed with the quality of play, the enthusiasm of the crowd, the sportsmanship of the players, and the way Tony and his team conducted the proceedings. It was a first class event from start to finish."...Phil Capelle
All stops are 2-day Pro-Am events and this year the tour will also host amateur B-C-D events on day 2 (Sunday.) “We want to give the players as much opportunity to play as possible. We must continue to do everything we can to keep the sport alive,” Tony Robles, founder of the Predator 9-Ball Tour.
The tour would also like to thank its many supporters and most importantly the players and room owners for their continued dedication to the sport and the game of pool. “I got so much joy out of seeing a room full of avid lovers of the game competing in the sport I love so dearly and look forward to the year ahead,” Tony Robles.

Click here to view the 2008 Predator 9-Ball Tour Season
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